Community Resource Connections

Welcome to the Community Resource Connections (CRC) page. CRC is a place where Montville and Liberty residents may share with each other their offerings of products, goods, and services. Offerings may include things such as farm shares and products, household goods, bartering opportunities, services available (i.e., lawn care, handyperson, babysitting), and can include items for sale, for free, or for trade.

CRC Postings:

Name: Waldo County Bounty! “Grow a Row” Pledge and “Give and Take” Tables.

Description: The Grow a Row Pledge is a way for gardeners to support food security in these economically hard

times. Gardeners plan to grow an extra row of any (or multiple veggies/fruits) and when they are ready, bring them to the “Give and Take” tables at the Montville Grange and/or the Liberty AMVETs Hall. From there, families and individuals are welcome to come and take home whatever is there. A simple way to share the bounty!

Contact information: 

  • Waldo County Bounty:
  • Grow a Row Pledge: (to pledge, click under the picture of the carrots)
  • Give and Take Table Coordinator: Hannah - or 323-5612

Any additional information: Growers are encouraged, but not required to pledge to Grow a Row. The set up is

                                                          simply that anyone who has extra produce from the garden is welcome to bring it to

                                                          one of the tables and anyone who could use the produce is welcome to bring it home!

​Posted: 6/13/2020

Name: Hidden Valley Camp

Description: This summer, Hidden Valley Camp will be providing free wood-fired pizzas one night a week to families

                           in need, free of charge.

What: Wood-fired pizzas from Hidden Valley Camp's onsite clay oven Sunday evening pickup @ rpm, beginning on

              June 28th. Call to reserve pizzas on Fridays between 10am-2pm.

Where: Drive-by pickup at the top of Hidden Valley Road (near the intersection of 220 and Center Road in Montville). 

How: Call 207-342-5177 to reserve pizzas on Fridays between 10am-2pm. 

Posted 6/13/2020


Description: We have a full line of local berry jams and five varieties of chutneys for sale.  We also carry several  
                       varieties of "jam" which is 100% fruit [no added sugar].  Price is $6.00 per 8 oz jar.  All products made in 
                       licensed state inspected kitchen.  We have been in business for 40 years and formerly attended several 
                       local Farmers' Markets.

Contact Information:​ 18 Gilcrest Lane
                                            North Mountain Valley Highway

Posted: 5/3/2020


Description: Organically Grown Vegetable, Herb, Annual & Perennial Seedlings/Native Perennial Plants for   
                          Pollinators/Organic Plant-Based Skin Care Products

Contact Information:

Additional Information: Delivery available.  At farm pick ups with safety measures in place.  You may come and 
                                                 shop the greenhouses ~ please send me an email and we can schedule a day and time when 
                                                 you can be the only customer here. To request a brochure and price list, please email 

Posted: 4/23/2020

                               Community Resource Connections Posting Form
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Please submit the following information to Carrie Hanagriff via email at, or to the Montville Town Office (if submitting this form in hardcopy). 

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     5. Any additional information:

Please email Carrie Hanagriff if your post should be removed from the website earlier than your original end date and if any changes should be made to your post. 

The Select Board has the authority to disallow and/or remove any posting at any time if the posting is in violation of the intent of Community Resource Connections


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