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Transfer Station

The UARRC is now open to the public. It will be a self-service protocol, and you will have to put recyclables in the bins yourself. The Transfer Station will not be accepting recyclables until further notice due to COVID-19 restraints..

The Montville Transfer Station will remain open for its usual hours on Saturdays from 9 am-3 pm but with limited services until further notice. We will continue to take household waste only. Recyclables will not be accepted at the transfer station for the immediate future. Residents can mix recyclables with household waste or hold on to recyclables for when the transfer station resumes collection. 

Money collected at the transfer station will be collected on an honor system basis until further notice. Please deposit checks, exact cash amount, or close to the exact amount due since change will not be available. There will be an attendant at the site to answer any questions or concerns. Due to the health risks of the coronavirus, self serve at the transfer station will be required.

  • Bags under 20 gallons = $0.75  
  • Bags 20 -35 gallons = $ 1.50
  • Bags over 35 gallons = $2.25 ​