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Select Board 

Select Board meetings will be held online via Zoom until further notice. Please use the Zoom link below for all future Select Board Meetings.

The Select Board meets Mondays at 6:30 pm. 

Last Weeks Minutes

Montville Select Board Meeting - Monday April 26, 2021

Present: Bob Price (1st Selectperson); Cathy Roberts (2nd Selectperson); Bob LeRoy (3rd Selectperson); John and Karen York (MVFD). Present Via Zoom: Kathy Carpenter (Tax Payer); Hannah Hatfield (Administrative Assistant); Jodie Martin (Town Clerk); Herman Peaslee (Budget Committee); Susan Shell (Budget Committee); Terry Fischer (Tax Collector/Treasurer).


  1. Call Meeting to Order: 6:45 PM

  2. Acceptance of Agenda: Approved

  3. Acceptance of and Minutes from April 26, 2021: Approved

  4. Neighborhood Concerns Regarding Residential Garbage: The Board would like to explore options that may help mitigate issues related to excessive and sprawling garbage that impact community health and the environment. There have been 3 complaints regarding this issue in the past week. As it is, Montville has no ordinance or explicit authority to address residential garbage concerns. Code Enforcement, Emergency Management, General Assistance officers, and private residents have all weighed in on ways to help. The Select Board will do more research on this after Town Meeting.

  5. Open to the Public: Kathy asked if anyone knew if starlink is a viable option for internet service. Karen offered that she has a neighbor who is using starlink and is receiving far more service than she had with a different service. It was stated that the biggest drawback is the need to purchase the hardware (for 500.00) upfront before paying for the monthly service plan.

  6. Treasurer’s Warrants: Warrant # 15: $35,573.42 (AP); Warrant Preview #17: $62,521.14 (AP); and Warrant #17: $4,271.41 (PR). Signed.

  7. Town Warrant: Select Board continued to edit the Town Warrant. SB plans to sign Warrant at next SB Meeting - May 3rd.

  8. Town Meeting: It was reported that MMA affirmed that masks cannot be mandated at Town Meeting. Cathy will connect with Norann at RSU3 to clarify what the amount of the gym occupancy, and COVID protocols, are expected to be on June 5th. It was suggested that people who choose not to come to Town Meeting can send letters to the Select Board regarding specific articles. These letters can be read aloud at town meeting and be considered part of the discussion. Votes cannot be placed from remote locations (like via zoom). Registered voters must be in attendance to vote at town meeting. Cathy will contact a food truck business to see if there is a possibility to have food available for lunch at town meeting.

  9. Town House Vault: Bob LeRoy inspected the underside of the Town House. He saw that the foundational and structural integrity of the building is not in danger of being damaged by the weight of the vault. Support for the joists underneath the vault is needed. Debi Stephens (Montville Historical Society) will be contacted to weigh in on options.

  10. Roads Check-in: Roads are beginning to get un-posted. Goosepecker, Penney, Halldale and Morse roads have all been graded.

  11. Assessing Check-in: Amy Dunn (Assessing Agent) was in today. She submitted a letter for the Town Report. She is beginning to go out to assess certain properties identified by the Assessors. Cathy reported that there have been 56 property transfers from April 2, 2020 to April 1, 2021.

  12. No Spray Resident Options: The Town did not receive any bids this year to manage vegetation on State roads in Montville prior to the preparation of the Warrant.  Therefore, the Town cannot pursue a three-year budget agreement with the State to restrict spraying this year and will need to be re-addressed next year.  Currently, residents can enter into no-spray contracts with the state, if they would not like the state to spray the roadside by their property.  We will put the DOT contact number, and a list of the state roads, on the website.

  13. Review Building Permit: The Select Board verified that the Proposed Intent to Build form should indicate no fee for submitting the form, and that the fee for non-compliance is $200.00.

  14. Recycling Resolution: Hannah will follow up with Natural Resources Council of Maine for more details about the Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging law, that the NRCM is asking towns to consider supporting.

  15. Transfer Stickers Availability: Current policy of offering stickers here at the office, through the mail, or at the 10-4 Redemption Center - during open hours, is still in effect. Jodie will put this on website.

  16. Acc#978 Tax Payments: Tax payer will schedule time at a Select Board meeting to make arrangements for payment. Select Board would like this on the May 10th agenda. Hannah will follow up with tax payer to confirm.

  17. Ad Hoc Grant Committee: 2 residents have expressed interest in helping the town with grant research and/or writing. Select Board would like to follow up on these offers after the warrant has been signed.

  18. Amy Dunn to speak at a hearing about the proposed Revaluation: Select Board would like to invite Amy to a SB Meeting in order to make a short presentation and to field questions about the proposed revaluation. Hannah will ask Amy about scheduling.

  19. A resident asked the Town to consider refunding excise, on a vehicle that is now totaled. The town does not have a policy allowing it to refund excise. So has not authority to do so. The Select Board asked Jodie to find out if any other local towns have excise refund policies.

  20. Motion to Adjourn: 8:54 pm


Respectfully submitted by Hannah Hatfield


Contact emails:

Bob Price, 1st Selectperson/Assessor

Cathy Roberts, 2nd Selectperson/Assessor

Bob LeRoy, 3rd Selectperson/Assessor

Jodie Martin, Town Clerk

Terry Fischer, Tax Collector/Treasurer

Hannah Hatfield, Administrative Assistant to the Select Board



Montville Select Board Meeting - Monday April 19, 2021

Present: Bob Price (1st Selectperson); Cathy Roberts (2nd Selectperson); Bob LeRoy (3rd Selectperson); Glen Widmer (Budget Committee); Herman Peaslee (Budget Committee); Susan Shell (Budget Committee); Terry Fischer (Tax Collector/Treasurer); Richard Peavey (Road Commissioner); Jon Thornhill (Road Contractor); John and Karen York (MVFD), Jay LeGore (Resident), Kailee Spaulding (resident); Bonnie Hrichak (Resident); Sharon Hibbard (Resident); Diana Chapin (Resident). Present Via Zoom: Hannah Hatfield (Administrative Assistant).


  1. Call Meeting to Order: 5:10 PM

  2. Acceptance of Agenda: Approved

  3.  Acceptance of Minutes from April 12, 2021: Approved.

  4. Treasurer’s Warrants: Warrant # 16: $2,233.04 (PR). Approved.

  5. Town Warrant Building: There was lots of discussion about the proposed budget. the following is a list of topis and some of the questions and highlights discussed. No decisions were made.

    1. Tax maps: Does the town need to hire a company to do the tax maps, or can it be done for free by Jay LeGore? Jay has offered to work with the town and the assessing agent to provide more user friendly, and more up to date maps in paper and digital file form. Town will consult MMA to find out what the statutes say regarding maintenance of tax maps.

    2. Dump truck lease: Can this wait a year?

    3. Gravel pit: How do we know what we are getting with the pits? Several professional contractors have given positive feedback upon assessing the pits. Town needs to make sure any possible licensing, legal, and reclamation fees are accounted for. Cathy will contact DEP about these.

    4. Roof on Town Office: Can we get a less expensive quote for this work?

    5. American Rescue Plan monies: It was suggested that the SB speak about this at the beginning of town meeting, giving an up-to-date synopsis of what/when and how we can expect to receive and use these funds.   

    6. Solid waste options: Compactor lease to own costs have not been locked in yet. SB will get those numbers before next week. Purchasing dumpsters had been considerered in the past as a viable option but after Bob and Cathy met with a DEP representative at the transfer station to discuss possibilities, they were advised that the compactor was the better alternative.

    7. Revaluation: SB answered why a revaluation is being considered. It is in part because of the transfer of software from Municipal Advantage to TRIO. In that transfer some factors were eliminated or brought over incorrectly. Land values are not representative of current values. Montville’s MVR rate is 81%. Not sure of variants. Can the revaluation wait a year? Amy Dunn, who is our current assessing agent will be asked to speak at a town hearing on the topic, sometime before town meeting.

    8. Raises for Town Officials: Karen expressed concern that the town official wages being recommended are too extreme.  Karen stated these are significant raises (36%) and there isn't a policy that dictates how raises are determined or administered. The decisions made in the last year regarding hourly wages and raises were not only inconsistent but very inequitable across the town employees doing the same or comparable work the board stated they felt that these positions should get this raise to bring them up to current standard pay and because they handle millions in town assets.  Karen stated she wanted to be absolutely clear that the firefighters are not asking for a raise and she is speaking strictly to the overall subject of pay policy and practices of the town. Sharon also expressed concerned about the substantial wage increase for these positions. Stipends for E911, GA and Web Master may not be necessary.

    9. Over all comments on budget: The proposed budget presented at this meeting is 280,000 higher than last year. How do we get this lower? Bonnie expressed that this is not a good year to increase the budget, as many residents/taxpayers are financially impacted by the pandemic.

    10. Non-Budgetary Articles; Karen submitted a request to have an article to appoint the Tax Collector, Treasurer and Clerk positions. Karen also submitted a request to consider an article to see if the town wants to have a nomination process for elected town officials, instead of nominating from the floor. Hannah will connect with MMA about guidance on this, and find out if an ordinance would have to be written, she will also contact them about changing the Grader Reserve account to an Equipment Reserve account

  6. Karen announced that the recent grant application that MVFD and the Road Commissioner was working on, has been submitted.

  7. Motion to Adjourn: 9:45 PM


Respectfully submitted by Hannah Hatfield


Contact emails:

Bob Price, 1st Selectperson/Assessor

Cathy Roberts, 2nd Selectperson/Assessor

Bob LeRoy, 3rd Selectperson/Assessor

Jodie Martin, Town Clerk

Terry Fischer, Tax Collector/Treasurer

Hannah Hatfield, Administrative Assistant to the Select Board



Montville Select Board Meeting - Monday April 12, 2021

Present: Bob Price (1st Selectperson); Cathy Roberts (2nd Selectperson); Bob LeRoy (3rd Selectperson); Richard Peavey (Road Commissioner); Jon Thornhill (Road Contractor); John and Karen York (MVFD), Bonnie Hrichak (Resident); Sharon Hibbard (Resident). Present Via Zoom: Hannah Hatfield (Administrative Assistant), Jodie Martin (Clerk).


  1. Call Meeting to Order: 6:34PM.

  2. Acceptance of Agenda: Approved.

  3. Minutes of April 5, 2021: Approved.

  4. Open to the Public: Karen encouraged Montville to look into creating an ordinance that would allow senior citizens to volunteer for the town in lieu of paying a portion of property taxes. MVFD is switching the name on the CMP and Consolidated accounts to the Town of Montville. Karen also noted that now that the weather is warmer, the MVFD will not be leaving food boxes (from the deliveries at Mt View) at residences where no one is home.

  5. Treasurer’s Warrants: Warrant #13 – $15,011.71 (AP); Warrant #14 – $51,328.02 (AP); Warrant #14 - $4,115.45 (PR); Warrant #15 – $2,466.92 (PR); Warrant #15 – $35,573.42 (AP preview)

  6. Town Meeting: Select Board voted (unanimously) to hold the meeting at the Mt. View Complex Gym. On June 5th 2021. Lunch will not be provided but SB suggested having a break for lunch and will encourage people to bring their own.

  7. Town Warrant: Warrant needs to be signed on April 26th in order to get the report to the printer in time to have it available 2 weeks before the meeting. Hannah will connect with Karen about wording of Emergency Management Ordinance.

  8. Budget Committee Highlights: BC suggested a one-year trial of having residents take recyclables to UARRC on their own, instead of the town providing the service. BC discussed not recommending funding for the following: No Spray Agreement; revaluation; tax maps; dump truck loan; and the garage roof but no firm decisions were made. They asked the SB to review the overall budget again to see if any changes could be made. BC supported hiring a grant writer and suggested including an article asking town accept any grant monies and donations.

  9. Gravel Pit: SB wrote a draft agreement of intent to vote to purchase two gravel pits that have been offered by Walter Lamont Sr. The agreement includes language stipulating that this is pending a town vote. The agreement also includes a stipulation that the Town of Montville may purchase gravel out of these pits for $1.50/yd or $1.75/yd, at this time. This price on the gravel will continue until the Town’s purchase, or until the town votes against it. Whichever the case may be. SB decided not to include a professional assessment of pits, as a contingency of purchase. Richard and SB will, however, continue to seek information on the viability and value of the pits.

  10. Email Accounts: Amy Dunn has begun using her Fairpoint account. Hannah will contact Peter Kassen and Richard Peavey to find out where they are in the process. The Select Board thanks Katie Campbell and Jeanne Coleman for their tireless work in figuring out the unexpectedly complicated process of switching the state email account back to a town account.

  11. Earned Paid Leave (MMA link): The state’s FAQ on the new Earned Paid Leave Law indicates that Montville’s volunteer fire fighters would mostly be exempt from the definition of “employee”, except for trainings. Therefore, since the number of defined “employees” for the town is under 10, the law does not apply.

  12. Medical Marijuana Regulations:  MMA’s feedback on the issue of whether a medical marijuana retail store can open up in Montville, was that: unless the voters of Montville have agreed to allow registered caregiver retail stores to operate in Montville, such establishments could not obtain the required state license. Hannah will follow up with the individuals who have inquired.

  13. Letter of Support for LVAS Grant: Approved. Hannah will deliver to Liberty’s EMA, Elise Brown.

  14. Town House Vault: Bob LeRoy will look under the Town House where the safe has been sinking, to assess damage and structural concerns. It is possible that a trap door will need to be created in order to do any work needed to prop up the floor.

  15. Report from RSU3 Board Workshop: Bob Price reported that the towns’ share of the school budget will be going up, because the state funding for the school has gone down. Bob P. Will get those numbers to Hannah.

  16. Acc#978 Tax Payments: Hannah will invite tax payer to a Select Board meeting to discuss payments.

  17. Town Report Dedications: Hannah will contact residents who are writing dedications.

  18. Prioritizing Road Work: North Ridge, Halldale erosion, and ditching behind School House were all listed as recent request for summer work.

  19. ARP Updates: The state has sent no definitive information to the town regarding when and exactly how the American Rescue Plan monies can be spent. Montville has been informed that it will be receiving $110,00.00. From newspaper articles it is reported that municipalities can use it for COVID related expenditures, infrastructure investments and other community supporting programs, but not as direct tax relief. (Such as reducing the tax commitment).

  20. MMA New Managers Webinar 6/3: Hannah is approved to register for this webinar. It is free to any manager, or administrative assistant, who has come to the position since May of 2019.

  21. John York inquired about the creating a reserve account for emergencies.

  22. Select Board will hold a meeting on Wednesday April 14 at the Town Office at 8am to go over the budget. Hannah and Jodie will post this on their email lists and the website.

  23. Motion to Adjourn: 8PM.


Respectfully submitted by Hannah Hatfield


Contact emails:

Bob Price, 1st Selectperson/Assessor

Cathy Roberts, 2nd Selectperson/Assessor

Bob LeRoy, 3rd Selectperson/Assessor

Jodie Martin, Town Clerk

Terry Fischer, Tax Collector/Treasurer

Hannah Hatfield, Administrative Assistant to the Select Board



Select Board Meeting Minutes 


The Town Of Montville was Established in 1807

Select Board 

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2nd Select Person: Cathy Roberts

3rd Select Person: Bob LeRoy

The Select Board can be reached at 342-5543

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