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Select Board 

Next Select Board Meeting will be held on Monday, October 25, 2021 at 6 pm here at the Town Office.

Last Approved Minutes:

Montville Select Board Meeting October 25, 2021



Present: Cathy Roberts (1st Selectperson); Bob LeRoy (2nd Selectperson); Sharon Hibbard (3rd Selectperson); Hannah Hatfield (Administrative Assistant); Richard Peavey (Road Commissioner); Jon Thornhill (Road Contractor); John York (Fire Chief); Karen York (MVFR); Justin Leeman (Snowplow Contractor), Garrison Leeman (Snowplow Contractor), Troy Nelson (Snowplow Contractor).


  1. Call Meeting to Order: 6:05 PM

  2. Acceptance of Agenda: Approved

  3. Acceptance of Minutes of October 4, 2021 and October 12, 2021: [No meeting was held on 10/18/2021] Minutes Approved.

  4. Treasurer’s Warrants: Warrant Preview #42: $82,009.06 (AP); Warrant #41: $15,392.60 (AP); Warrant #42: $1,065.35(PR) Signed 10/20/2021. Warrant Preview #43: $26,837.01 (AP); Warrant #42: $82,009.06 (AP); Warrant #43: $2,525.52 (PR) Signed.

  5. Snow Plow Contractor Discussion: Current plow contracts are in effect until July of 2022. Select Board and contractors discussed considerations for the next round of contracts including: different price per mile for Rt 220 and Trues Pond Rd; other towns’ plow budgets; addressing safety issues on Sewell Rd.; an incremental increase for each year of the contract. Select Board asked contractors to write down what they use for material and what they would like to have available. Improvements considered for this year’s plowing are: salting Rt 220; meeting with some of the residents at the end of dead-end roads where the turn arounds have been problematic; and working as a team. Justin and Troy agreed that they are willing to respond to emergency situations, if possible, with sand and/or plow trucks for a “call out” fee. Justin and Troy will establish a rate for this service.

  6. Roads: Work is currently being done on Choate, North Ridge and Howard Roads. Foy Rd. will need to have gravel added to it, before winter maintenance season. Select Board recommends installing guard rails on Halldale Rd, by the Beaver Bog. Hannah to find out if the state has guard rails that Montville could order.

  7. LRAP: LRAP Certification Report for State FY22 was signed. Hannah to send.

  8. Compactor: Bob reported that the gravel pad is ready for the concrete. The concrete may be able to be poured, and the rails installed in the next 2 weeks, weather depending. Select Board discussed that the height of the compactor hopper seems a little higher than the truck we have been using. Options for use of a step or a ramp were considered.

  9. Recycling/Hauling: Select Board discussed the difficulty of storing the current recycling trailer in the transfer station side of the garage during the winter due to limited space, and the option of asking residents to take their recyclables directly to UARRC in Thorndike until next annual Town Meeting at which point another option may become apparent. Montville has not been able to locate a box trailer for the $4,000.00 that was appropriated for purchase. Will keep looking. Sharon (UARRC Board Member) to attend a UARRC board meeting soon and ask if they will be considering pick-up services in future.

  10. ARPA: No reported updates

  11. FEMA: No reported updates. Cathy reported that through hearsay she heard there will be FEMA or federal monies available to address climate related issues for municipalities. Cathy will follow up.

  12. Hazard Mitigation Plans: No reported updates

  13. NIMS Training: Training scheduled for November 4, at 5PM at the fire station.

  14. Re-claimed Animal Fees: Select Board decided to establish a reclaim fee of $20.00 to be collected by the Kennebec Valley Humane Society, for anyone who is picking up a pet that had been transported there by one of our Animal Control Officers. Kennebec Valley will return the fee to Montville’s treasurer to deposit into the town’s Animal Welfare revenue account. Unanimous.

  15. Corrective Action for Office Safety: MMA sent findings from an Office Ergonomic Evaluation done in August. Four items were noted that need correction. Hannah to identify corrective actions and submit the tracking form.

  16. County Election Results: Results for 2022 Waldo County Budget Committee are as follows. District 1: Joshua Gerritsen of Lincolnville; District 2: Linda Payson of Searsport; and District 3: Elaine Higgins of Freedom.

  17.  Cathy reported that if the submitted ACO reports include 19 hours to date.  The Board will continue to evaluate the funds spent in this account before recommending a price increase for the annual ACO stipend.

  18. Select Board asked Hannah to start a list of budget ideas to be considered for the annual town meeting.

  19.  Assessing: Cathy reported that Amy Dunn (Assessing Agent) will continue the re-val preparation, and plans to begin site visits in the spring of 2022. Amy plans to utilize the assistance of 2 other assessing agents to help complete the site visits. These assistants were included in Amy’s original proposal so no additional costs will incur. Cathy reported that the maps are being updated and corrected, and the sketch program in TRIO is getting set up. Hannah to find out the last time Montville increased the land value, and will find guidance regarding the valuation of contiguous lots.

  20.  MVR: Municipal Valuation Return for 2021 was created by Amy Dunn (Assessing Agent) and signed by the Select Board.

  21.  John reported that Waldo County EMA is having a D4H training on November 18 in the evening. D4H is an emergency communications program. MVFR is sending several volunteer fire fighters to the training.

  22. John reported that the state of Maine is no longer charging for online burn permits. . Burn permits are still required, and are also available through local fire wardens.

  23. Motion to Adjourn: 7:55


Respectfully submitted by Hannah Hatfield


Contact emails:

Cathy Roberts, 1st Selectperson/Assessor

Bob LeRoy, 2nd Selectperson/Assessor

Sharon Hibbard, 3rd Selectperson/Assessor

Jodie Martin, Town Clerk

Terry Fischer, Tax Collector/Treasurer

Hannah Hatfield, Administrative Assistant to the Select Board



Montville Select Board Meeting October 12, 2021



Present: Cathy Roberts (1st Selectperson); Bob LeRoy (2nd Selectperson); Sharon Hibbard (3rd Selectperson); Hannah Hatfield (Administrative Assistant); Richard Peavey (Road Commissioner); Jon Thornhill (Road Contractor); Karen York (MVFR); Peter E Nerber (ACO); Peter A Nerber (Deputy ACO)


  1. Call Meeting to Order: 6:00 PM

  2. Acceptance of Agenda: Accepted

  3. Minutes of October 4, 2021: Postponed for additions and review.

  4. Treasurer’s Warrants: Warrant Preview #41: $15,392.60 (AP); Warrant #40: $14,797.33 (AP); Warrant #41: $3,182.46 (PR) Signed.

  5. Roads: Richard reported that the culvert on Halldale Rd by the beaver bog is in. One of the Beaver Deceivers was damaged during the construction. Buck O’Herin is reported to have volunteered to get the deceiver replaced. Richard also said that he did not plan on paving that part of Halldale this year. Jon reported that one of the safety barrels, blocking traffic from the construction on Halldale while it was impassible, has disappeared. Select Board asked Hannah to get the current budget and expense numbers for public works from Terry. Culvert on Halldale up the road from the existing work would be put in (has been on the side of road) while the equipment in vicinity. Next road work area to be Choate.

  6. Compactor: Select Board asked Richard to do the work that needs to be done in preparation for the compactor pad, directly after completing work on Halldale Rd.

Bob reported that the compactor has been delivered to the transfer station lot. Bob will coordinate an electrician to bring power to the compactor pad.

  1. ACO (Animal Control Officer): Peter and Peter asked the Select Board for a higher compensation, based on the increased demands of COVID-19 and fuel prices. They reported that Knox and Vassalboro are paying them $300.00/mo. Select Board would like to look more closely at the ACO reports that have been submitted and will consider options. Select Board asked the ACO and Deputy ACO to come up with a proposal for next year’s budget.

  2. Re-claimed animal fees: Hannah reported that Kennebec Valley Humane Society called to ask if Montville had any fees for Montville residents who re-claim their animals from their facility. Currently Montville does not have a policy for charging these fees. Select Board tabled this for later discussion.

  3. Hazard Mitigation Plans: Cathy reported that the process for preparing for a Hazard Mitigation Grant begins with creating a Local Hazard Mitigation Plan. This is a very involved process. Funding for creating the plan needs to be applied for before the plan is established. Select Board is in conversation with Dale at Waldo County EMA, and Sam Roy, with the state, to begin work on creating a plan. Cathy reported that FEMA’s Local Hazard Mitigation Plan (LHMP) virtual skill share training session is on October 25-26.

  4. Reval Update: Select Board verified that Amy Dunn (assessing agent) before being hired, had proposed that she would seek other qualified agents to help with the site work on the re-val.

  5. TIP Removed Trailer: Select Board decided to wait until January to take action on Account 90(TIP).

  6. Liberty/Montville line: Hannah reported that the owner of a parcel of land that Montville considers map/lot 41/7 believes that the property in the deed (that is identified as Montville) is actually in Liberty. Hannah has informed Liberty of the mis-understanding and will follow up with Amy Dunn as well.

  7. Mainely Pizza update: Hannah will deliver dump stickers to Mainely Pizza this week for Mainely Pizza to sell. Jodie will keep track of all stickers going to the 10-4 Redemption and to Mainely Pizza.

  8. Backing up files: Hannah asked for help in backing up her computer files. Sharon will meet with her on Wednesday to lend a hand.

  9. Karen reported that she has corrected the addresses on the contract associated with the Risk Reduction Enhancement grant. Select Board reviewed the contract and gave John York the authority to sign the contract, as a town representative. Karen will get the signed copy to Hannah for filing in the office.

  10. NIMS Training: Cathy will follow up with Jodie and Terry and Dale to schedule a date and time for the NIMS training.

  11. Motion to Adjourn: 7:30 PM



Respectfully submitted by Hannah Hatfield


Contact emails:

Cathy Roberts, 1st Selectperson/Assessor

Bob LeRoy, 2nd Selectperson/Assessor

Sharon Hibbard, 3rd Selectperson/Assessor

Jodie Martin, Town Clerk

Terry Fischer, Tax Collector/Treasurer

Hannah Hatfield, Administrative Assistant to the Select Board



Montville Select Board Meeting October 4, 2021



Present: Bob LeRoy (2nd Selectperson); Sharon Hibbard (3rd Selectperson); Hannah Hatfield (Administrative Assistant); Richard Peavey (Road Commissioner); John York (Fire Chief); Karen York (MVFR); Bonnie Hrichak (Resident)

Not Present: Cathy Roberts (1st Selectperson)


  1. Call Meeting to Order: 6:00 PM

  2. Executive Session as per 1 MRSA § 405(6)(B): Entered at 6:05 PM, ended at 6:40 PM. Public meeting resumed at 6:45 PM.

  3. Acceptance of Agenda: Approved

  4. Minutes of Sept 27, 2021: Approved

  5. Open to the Public: Karen was pleased to announce that the Town of Montville was awarded an MMA Risk Reduction Enhancement grant of $2,188.00, no matching funds needed. Karen gave the Select Board the contracts for services to review to sign next week.

Bonnie requested that the portable blinking speed limit sign be placed on Burnham Hill Rd. Select Board discussed previous request for moving sign, and creating a plan for how long each location should have the sign, when requested. Sharon to make a plan with Bob Price to move it, and also to ask how hard it is to move.

            Bonnie referenced a Select Board meeting from September of 2020, in which the minutes stated:

 Bonnie Hrichak asked that the car registration reminder postcards not include so much personal information such as plate number, vehicle make and model and price of registration. The Board agreed.  Bonnie reported that she has received another postcard with all the same information on it except for the price of the vehicle registration. Other options for reminders were discussed. Bob spoke with Jodie about Bonnie’s concern and reported that Jodie said she would take care of it.

  1. Treasurer’s Warrants: Warrant Preview #40: $14,797.33 (AP); Warrant #39: $5,411.97 (AP); Warrant #40: $6,011.50 (PR) Signed.

  2. Roads: Richard asked the Select Board to help prioritize the roads to be done this season. Select Board listed parts of Choate Rd, parts of North Ridge and the reconstruction on Halldale Rd near the beaver bog as first priorities. Richard reported that the transfer station bins were left in the garage where the grader would park. Select Board asked Hannah to connect with Brad about making sure the space is clear for public works.

    1. LRAP Report: Hannah will get report and invoices from Terry to fill out the LRAP form and verify it with Richard, before sending it.

  3. Compactor: Bob reported that the pad needs to be prepared for the compactor installation. Bob will work on organizing this with Richard, or a contractor. Josh Wellman from DM&J informed the Select Board that steel rails need to be installed to protect the cement and the containers from wear. Bob will talk to Josh about the price, necessity, and timing. Cathy is waiting on a call back from DEP about the ability to use dumpsters, if the need arises.

  4. Animal Control Officer (ACO): Sharon spoke with ACO Peter Nerber, and he plans to come to next week’s Select Board meeting. She reported that his reasoning for requesting higher pay was in compensation for the higher risk level of this essential work due to COVID 19.

  5. Roofing contracts: Hannah contacted Keyes Roofing, they do have insurance and plan to start on November 29th at the latest.

  6. Doors contracts: Hannah has not gotten an answer back from Debi Stephens, of the Montville Historical Society, about the quality of the doors that we have quotes for.

  7. Email List Merge: Hannah has sent out an email to the Select Board minutes list, asking folks to let Jodie know if they would like to be on the list for general town announcements. The texting service that had reached out to the town about helping residents keep informed during emergencies,, is in conversation with Jodie. The cost depends on the breakdown of services, but the ballpark figure for a typical service is cost prohibitive.

  8. American Recovery Plan Act (ARPA) Update: Hannah reported that the due date for submitting the first Project and Expenditure report for the ARPA fund expenditures has been changed from October 31, 2021 to April 30,2022.  Karen reported that the Department of Treasury’s list of expenditure categories includes infrastructure, pertaining to Capital Investments or Physical Plant Changes to Public Facilities that respond to the COVID-19 public health emergency. Karen also identified other lines on the list that could help MVFR and emergency services. The Select Board encourages residents to come forward with ideas as to how to use the ARPA funds. 

  9. MMA Risk Workers Comp perspective amounts for 2022: Approved

  10. Hazard Mitigation Plans: Cathy connected with Heather Dumais from the state, about hazard mitigation grants. Heather has gotten us connected to someone who can help us create a Local Hazard Mitigation Plan. This plan is necessary to apply for the grants. Hannah to forward these emails to Sharon.

  11. FOAA Trainings: Hannah will share the training link, and send to all officials who need to take the training.

  12. Announcements for Website: Bob and Sharon (Cathy was not in attendance) approved the wording for the fall roads plan to be put on the website.

  13. Write-Off: Acc 945 (TIP) More research needed.

  14. Reval update: Hannah reported that Amy Dunn (assessing agent) would like to consider having other assessing agents (with whom she already works) do some of the site visits for Montville. Sharon suggested that a board member connect with Amy on October 25th, to get more clarification.

  15. Mainely Pizza proposal: Hannah to contact Kevin Coffin of Mainely Pizza to let him know that we are interested in having them sell dump stickers for us, and would give Mainely Pizza .10 per sticker sold.

  16. Rescheduling NIMS training. John will inform Dale that Oct 18 does not work for too many of the office officials and staff. New date to be considered should land on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening no earlier than 6:00 PM. Sharon to follow up with Jodie and Terry.

  17. Motion to Adjourn: 8:40 PM



Respectfully submitted by Hannah Hatfield


Contact emails:

Cathy Roberts, 1st Selectperson/Assessor

Bob LeRoy, 2nd Selectperson/Assessor

Sharon Hibbard, 3rd Selectperson/Assessor

Jodie Martin, Town Clerk

Terry Fischer, Tax Collector/Treasurer

Hannah Hatfield, Administrative Assistant to the Select Board


Select Board Meeting Minutes 


The Town Of Montville was Established in 1807

Select Board 

1st Select Person: Bob Price

2nd Select Person: Cathy Roberts

3rd Select Person: Bob LeRoy

The Select Board can be reached at 342-5543

Administrative Assistant: 

Hannah Hatfield


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