Recycled Cardboard

Transfer Station

Transfer Station Stickers:

Stickers are available at the Town Office (Monday 12-7; Wednesday 7-2; Friday 9-2, and the 1st and 3rd Saturdays 9-1). You can also send a check and have stickers mailed to you (you must order at least 10 stickers to have them mailed to you free of charge). You can also call the office and pay with a credit card (using a credit or debit card incurs an additional 2.5% fee or $1.00 for purchases under $50). Stickers are also now available for purchase at the Redemption Center (the old 10-4). The hours there are Tuesday 9-12; Friday 9-12 and Saturday 10-3. Stickers will not be sold at the transfer station. Punch cards will no longer be available to purchase, although existing punch cards will still be honored. If you don’t have a sticker on your trash bag, you will not be able to leave your trash.

  • Small (up to 20 gallons)  $0.75 each

  • Medium (21-35 gallons)  $1.50 each

  • Large (over 35 gallons)   $2.25 each


Here is a general list for recyclable items that are, and are not, taken at the Montville Transfer Station.  For a more detailed description check the Unity Area Regional Recycling Center at 


Our transfer station attendants are requesting that residents take more care in separating their materials in designated recycling containers placed in the garage at the transfer station. Additionally, newsprint is being mixed with all paper and corrugated cardboard is kept separate.  These materials are now being placed in bins on recycling trailer.

Items taken: 


white office paper 

mixed paper (ie glossy paper, magazines, catalogs, cereal boxes etc.)


corrugated cardboard (please flatten)




food and beverage cans

aluminum and aluminum foil


Electronic waste:

batteries (including automotive, rechargeable, tool batteries, etc.)

ink and toner cartridges

electronics (ie tv's, computers, game consoles, etc,.)

mixed electronic waste (calculators, microwaves, coffee makers, etc.)

all mercury containing products ( need to be delivered directly to UARRC by resident)



Refer to attachment for detailed description.




Freon Appliances (delivered to UARRC directly by resident)

refrigerators and freezers empty and clean

air conditioners & dehumidifiers



Items not taken:

styrofoam (packing sheet foam)


rigid plastic

candy wrappers, potato chip/pretzel  bags

wet paper

paper ice cream, containers, paper juice containers, etc. (these are impregnated with wax, no market)

You will be able to drop off normal trash bags WITH STICKERS, Saturdays from 10 am to 3 pm.

Address and Hours

71 South Mountain Valley Highway

​Montville, ME 04941


Saturdays, 9:00am-3:00pm

Recycled Plastic

Unity Area Recycling Center

For more information on a the Unity Area Recycling Center, please click below to find out more. 

The next public UARRC meeting is scheduled for May 20th @7 pm. Zoom link is not yet available.


April Recycling Break Down



OCC (corrugated cardboard): 8 ½ boxes, 900lb.

Mixed Paper: 5 boxes, 1100lb.

Tin: 4 barrels, 150lb.

Aluminum: 1 barrel, 30lb.

Glass: 2 barrels, 250lb.

Plastics (combined): 23 bags, 345lb.


Last Two Months Comparison



April 2775 lb + 0 bags of plastic film


May 4723 lb + 11 bags of plastic film

* Numbers have been provided to us from UARRC, and are an estimate.


May Recycling Break Down



 OCC (Corrugated Cardboard): 15 1/2



Mixed Paper:  8 ½ boxes


Tin: 4 barrels


Aluminum:  2 barrels


Glass: 4 ½ barrels


Films: 4 bags


Other Plastics (#2s, etc): 31 assorted bags

Please call 342-5544 with any questions