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Select Board 

There will be a Select Board meeting on Monday August 8th, 5pm at the Town Office. They will begin with a workshop on town policies, then move on to their regular board meeting afterwards.

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Last Approved Minutes:

Montville Select Board Meeting – Monday July 25, 2022


Present: Cathy Roberts (1st Selectperson); Sharon Hibbard (2nd Selectperson) via Zoom; Doug Thomas (3rd Selectperson); Hannah Hatfield (Administrative Assistant); Terry Fischer (Treasurer/Tax Collector); Jodie Martin (Town Clerk); Karen York (MVFR), John York (Fire Chief/EMD); Richard Peavey (Road Commissioner); 


  1. Call Meeting to Order: 6:05PM

  2. Acceptance of Agenda and Minutes from July 11th: Approved

  3. Roads: Hannah to fill out fuel tax application, state will charge no fee but requires yearly miles and fuel usage for dump truck. Richard and Doug met with FEMA inspectors. Doug signed inspection form. Hannah to enter the length and type of culverts needed. Results of FEMA inspection should be on the grants portal in the next week or so. Funding approval still pending. If approved, FEMA will need extensive detail for all associated work; Sharon to learn more about the software for the electronic speed limit sign. Doug has trailer that could hold sign. SB decided to put sign on Center Rd. near the Town Office next. Hannah presented sample equipment maintenance schedule and log. Hannah to email this to SB and Richard for edits if needed. Richard reported that work is continuing on Choate Rd. SB asked Richard to estimate the cost of prospective work on North Ridge and Goosepecker Ridge. Sharon reported she delivered the steam washer to a repair shop in Massachusetts. They will contact Richard with updates on its service.

  4. Transfer Station: Cathy reported that MRC has found private investors to partner with them in the purchase of the Hamden waste facility.

  5. MVFR/EMD: John submitted mileage logs for Fire Chief and Deputy Fire Chief, to SB for approval. Fire extinguishers will be tested in the coming weeks. John to get quotes for cement work at fire house.

  6. Treasurer: Terry reported that her email is not refreshing with new emails while open. To get new emails she needs to close outlook and open it back up. More scam emails have appeared. SB directed all users to read the email address before responding to any and all emails, and to delete spoofs. Consolidated Communications is working on rectifying the application of payments they attributed to wrong accounts. Sharon asked if we could pay Consolidated bills on line. Terry to explore this once the accounts are corrected.

  7. Clerk: Jodie reminded SB that as Select Board member, Doug cannot post the Special Town Meeting Warrant. SB to look for someone else.

  8. SB: Amy Dunn (Assessing Agent) offered the town her printer and 2 cartridges for $100.00. It is the only printer the assessing computer recognizes, at this time. Sharon said the town has many printers – does it need another? Doug to ask Bob Delio if he can hook up any existing town printers. SB decided that if Bob could not get town printers to work then the town would purchase Amy’s printer. SB to consider Excel and Word subscriptions for next year’s budget. Hannah to research free comparable programs. Doug reported that he replaced no trespassing signs at garage. SB voted unanimously in favor of supporting Liberty’s request to have the School Board research and reconsider the local cost sharing formula for RSU3, proposed by Andre Blanchard (Liberty Selectman). He is proposing a per pupil cost for each town.  Hannah to ask Nicole Hubbard (Montville School Board Rep) to come to a SB meeting before the School Board meeting in August. Cathy to draft a letter to RSU3 asking for a breakdown of all Walker School expenses, and to reiterate an earlier request for School Board protocols. Hannah to ask Cindy Abbott (CEO) if camper on Map/lot 53/32 is out of compliance. SB to ask Liberty for a 2023 Ambulance Service contract in time enough for Montville to vet it and to publish it in the Annual Town Report.  SB to work on job descriptions for stipend appointees in order to help clarify mileage policy for uniform application across all departments..

  9. Upcoming meetings:

    1. A meeting discussing proposed Interlocal Agreement for creation of a Broadband Utility District will be held on August 2nd at the Town House at 6:30PM

    2. Hannah to reach out to Rep. Zeigler and Sen. Curry to schedule meeting to discuss state funding for roads, among other topics.

    3. Doug to attend Budget Committee meeting at Town Office on July 26th.

  10. Heating Fuel: SB locked in to a contract with Irving for heating fuel for Town Office and garage at $3.91/gallon.

  11. Expired Liens: Hannah to contact the 2 tax payers with expired liens, to set up meetings.

  12. Town House: No report.

  13.  Credit Card Application: John stated that the MVFR/EMD is not in favor of utilizing a town credit card, at this time.

  14. SB is still researching the Maine Workforce Development Compact. Sharon to ask if the town can regulate the kinds of training an employee can do as part of the compact; can the town take advantage of the first-year offer (at 100%) but choose not to participate in the following 2 years that include a town match; and are there stipulations the town must adhere to upon signing the compact?

  15. John reported that the MVFR received a donation of a Milwaukee tower light, sawzall blades and battery,  from Jen and Dave Florin.  Thank you Jen and Dave.

  16. Treasurer’s Warrants: Warrant #28 (AP) $60,891.65; Warrant Preview #30 (AP) $87,099.90; Warrant #30 (PR): $2,861.28 Signed.

  17. Motion to Adjourn: 8:45PM



Respectfully submitted by Hannah Hatfield

Montville Select Board Meeting – Monday July 18, 2022


Part 1 with Liberty Select Board in Liberty


Present: Cathy Roberts (1st Selectperson); Sharon Hibbard (2nd Selectperson); Doug Thomas (3rd Selectperson); Hannah Hatfield (Administrative Assistant); Melinda Steeves (Liberty Select Board Chair); Andre Blanchard (Liberty Select Board); Duane Jewett (Liberty Select Board); Nikki Gates (Liberty Town Administrator); Bibi Walther (Montville BRC); Karen York (MVFR), John York (MVFR); Diana Chapin (Montville BRC); Bill Gillespie (Liberty Ambulance); Joe Meadows (Liberty Resident); Billie Cleaves (Liberty Resident); Steve Fountain (Liberty Planning Board); Kristine Gorman (Liberty Planning Board).


  1. Call Meeting to Order: 5:40PM

  2. School Budget Discussion: Andre presented his idea for changing local funding allocation formula from property tax valuation to a per pupil formula. He has presented this to the School Board. Next step is for the School Board to vote to reconsider local allocation formula or not. School Board will vote on this next month. Montville Select Board to contact Nicole Hubbard (Montville School Board rep) to discuss. Liberty SB asked Montville’s SB to vote to support their request to the School Board so the in depth per pupil study can be initiated. Montville to take this up at a later date.

If School Board votes to reconsider, then in-depth studies will be implemented…before public hearings and final votes will be made.

Questions to be answered:What is the formula for the state share for RSU3 for education? How do students at charter schools and home schools affect the state formula for reimbursement? How would a per pupil formula be impacted by these choices?

  1. Ambulance Agreement: Montville and Liberty Select Boards discussed the Ambulance agreement with Bill Gillespie and John York. Hannah to make several edits and sent to Bill and Liberty Select Board for signatures.

  2. Broadband Interlocal Agreement - upcoming meetings and Special Town Meetings: both Select Boards support the idea of getting as much information out to the townspeople as possible, before our public meetings and Special Town Meetings.  Both Select Boards agreed that dates for all informational meetings be posted so residents from any town can attend a preferred date.

  3. Other potential collaborative topics, mentioned but not acted on were: meetings with Rep Zeigler and Senator Curry, and DOT winter salt meeting. Both Select Boards agreed to meet again in the fall.

  4. Montville Adjourned: 6:30PM



Part 2 at Montville Town Office


Present: Cathy Roberts (1st Selectperson) on Zoom; Sharon Hibbard (2nd Selectperson); Doug Thomas (3rd Selectperson); Hannah Hatfield (Administrative Assistant); Karen York (MVFR), John York (MVFR/EMD); John Billings (BRC); Richard Peavey (Road Commissioner); Bonnie Hrichak (Resident) on Zoom.



  1. Call Meeting to Order: 7:08PM

  2. Acceptance of Agenda and Minutes: Approved.

  3. Roads: Jack inspections; Hannah to research. Maintenance logs: Hannah to create sample logs for equipment maintenance records. John offered to help compile logs. Richard and Sharon will see if the steam cleaner can be fixed in MA. Sharon can drop off/pick up. Choate Rd is getting a lot of work done. There have been complaints about debris and clean up. SB wants to remind residents and others traveling on the road that the work is still in progress and is not yet complete. Winter salt and sand has been put up. Hannah to contact DOT about hosting a winter sand/salt meeting. Speed limit sign is now at town office.

  4. Transfer Station: Hannah signed Brad up for DOL courses needed for transfer station attendants through the Online University, will sign up Matt as well. Cathy and Sharon to look at DEP Solid Waste Diversion Grant in August. SB would like to hear more about UARRC strategic plan.

  5. MVFR/EMD: John reported that he did not get the draft minutes for June 27th Select Board meeting. Draft minutes were sent to the MVFR as soon as they were requested. John and Karen requested copies of invoices. Karen to connect directly with Terry (treasurer) with requests and questions about reports. The procedure for treasurer, as of now, is to put hard copies of MVFR invoices into the box on porch of Town Office, for John to look over and approve before paying. SB has signed a contract with Down East Fuel for propane at the fire station. Hannah to see if Down East has done all tests needed to deliver. Sharon is still working on getting information about the Maine Workforce Development Compact.  Doug asked that John (as Emergency Management Director) let the SB know of trees that may be a risk to drivers.

  6. Clerk: Jodie reported that she and Terry both have received emails from “Cathy Roberts” that are clearly not from our Cathy’s email address. The emails asked for gift cards to be purchased. SB recommended being on high alert in all email transactions. Make sure emails match the person/entity.

  7. Heating Fuel: SB directed Hannah to lock into a price with Irving soon.

  8. Policy Discussions: SB to send versions of mileage and bookkeeping policies to each other and Hannah for updates and improvements.

  9.  Treasurer’s Warrants: Warrant #28 (AP) $8,553.34; Warrant Preview #29 (AP) $60,891.65; Warrant #29 (PR): $3,405.35 Signed.

  10. Motion to Adjourn: 9:10PM



Respectfully submitted by Hannah Hatfield

Montville Select Board Meeting – Monday July 11, 2022


Present: Cathy Roberts (1st Selectperson); Sharon Hibbard (2nd Selectperson).; Doug Thomas (3rd Selectperson); Hannah Hatfield (Administrative Assistant); Jim Troutman (SWCBC); Bonnie Hrichak (Resident): Richard Peavey (Road Commissioner); Fran Gonzalez (Resident) via Zoom; Karen York (MVFR) via Zoom.


  1. Call Meeting to Order: 6:00 PM

  2. Acceptance of Agenda and Minutes of June 27th: Approved

  3. SWCBC: Jim reviewed the Interlocal Agreement (ILA) to the SB, for consideration in the creation of a possible Broadband Utility District (BUD). Hannah to send ILA to town atty. SB decided to hold a public informational meeting regarding the ILA on August 2nd at 6:30PM at the Town House, with a possible second meeting on August 17th. SWCBC is asking for $11,000.00 from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds given to the town from Waldo County, to establish the BUD.  A Special Town Meeting is scheduled for August 23rd to vote on the ILA and the appropriation of funds. SB requests SWCBC to have a presence at Field Day to help inform the public of the potential BUD and ILA.

  4. Roads: Richard reported there has been significant improvement work done on Choate Rd. Cathy and Doug to go look at trees on Choate that could be taken down to improve road. July 21st at 9:30AM Richard and Doug will meet with FEMA inspector to look at roads damaged in the October 2021 storm. SB plans Richard’s Road Commissioner review for this coming week. New dump truck needs inspection. Hannah to insure CDL compliance. SB mentioned the importance of keeping up on maintenance and records, in light of having more equipment to maintain. MVFR has 2 power washers. Karen to report back about the feasibility of sharing a power washer.

  5. Transfer Station: SB would like to thank Brad Peters, Matt Flynt for working Demo Days and voted to give them $50.00 bonuses. SB would like to thank Demo Days’ volunteers Fran Gonzalez, Hannah Hatfield, Sharon Hibbard, Cathy Roberts and Doug Thomas. SB also thanks Jon Thornhill for his Demo Day work as a subcontractor. 

  6. MVFR/EMD: Karen reported that Pen Bay Hospital has not received payment of a bill she submitted in April. Hannah to research this. Karen requested that the SB sign onto the Maine Workforce Development Compact in order to take advantage of training opportunities for all town employees. Sharon to research this, to fully confirm what it means.

  7. Treasurer: No report

  8. Clerk: No report

  9. SB: Hannah to get bank forms for town credit card for Cathy to complete.

  10. Town Office Fiber Option: Jim looked at Consolidated quote for fiber services for the Town Office. He affirmed that the quote was consistent with what the current rate is. SB decided not to proceed because the overall cost was too much.

  11. Heating Fuel: Hannah to ask Irving if they have “cap insurance” for heating fuel.

  12. Town House: Waiting for door quotes.

  13. Montville SB will meet with Liberty SB 5:30PM in Liberty on Monday July 18th regarding Ambulance agreement, and future school budget and funding concerns.

  14. Ambulance Agreement: SB finalized Ambulance Agreement to send to Liberty for their review.

  15. ATV Access: ATV access on town roads is up to the Select Board to decide. No new information about what routes to consider for access has been submitted.

  16. Policy Discussions: Tabled for time. SB will be considering mileage policy revision and maintenance policies for equipment and buildings.

  17. Treasurer’s Warrants: Warrant #27 (AP) $52,070.81; Warrant Preview #26 (AP) $8,553.34; Warrant #26 (PR): $4,966.37 Signed.

  18. Motion to Adjourn: 9:00PM



Respectfully submitted by Hannah Hatfield

Select Board Meeting Minutes 


The Town Of Montville was Established in 1807

Select Board 

1st Select Person: Cathy Roberts

2nd Select Person: Sharon Hibbard

3rd Select Person: Doug Thomas

The Select Board can be reached at 342-5543

Administrative Assistant: 

Hannah Hatfield


Monday in Office Hours: 1:00 pm - 9:00pm 

Wednesday in Office Hours: 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Friday in Office Hours: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

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