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Select Board 

The Select Board will meet next on Monday, July 11th, 2022 at 6 pm at the Town Office. They will NOT have a meeting on Monday July 4th, due to the Holiday. This meeting will be held in person, as well as on Zoom. See the ZOOM link below to join:

Last Approved Minutes:

Montville Select Board Meeting – Monday June 13, 2022


Present: Cathy Roberts (1st Selectperson); Sharon Hibbard (2nd Selectperson).; Doug Thomas (3rd Selectperson); Hannah Hatfield (Administrative Assistant); Terry Fischer (Treasurer/Tax Collector); Jodie Martin (Town Clerk); Karen York (MVFR); Richard Peavey (Road Commissioner);


  1. Call Meeting to Order: 6:06 PM

  2. Acceptance of Agenda and Minutes of May 31st and June 6th: Approved

  3. SWCBC update: No update. Hannah to contact Jim Troutman about possible merger of SWCBC with MidCoastInternet Coalition, and any other updates.

  4. Roads: Equipment Lease: Cathy to contact Gorham Savings with questions about individual leases vs one lease at a time for PW equipment. Richard still looking for a truck and trailer and rake. Hannah to get a list of all the roads that need yearly cutting. Richard to connect with Roy Greely about cutting and to inform him of the roads and critical intersections that the job includes. Paving: Richard to connect with paving contractors about job on Halldale and to get estimates for fixing damage on Center Rd for FEMA grant application..

  5. Transfer Station: When Hannah ordered a swap-out for the transfer station container, DM&J reported that PERC is closed at the moment, and the waste in our container right now may be taken to Juniper Ridge instead. Cathy to contact Brad about the need for a spigot. Hannah and Doug to find donated hoses to accommodate washing down equipment. John to look at possible trailer options in Knox.

  6. MVFR/EMD: John updated that the fire house still needs a repair job on its cement floor. The project could be eligible for ARPA funds. If so, it would need to be decided by town meeting. John to get estimate for partial and full replacement of floor. John reported that the MVFR got a 100% grant for pipeline training.

  7. Treasurer: Terry reported that the mowing contract for the Cemeteries is higher than the appropriation by 300.00. Michelle is contact at First National Bank - who spoke with Cathy and Terry about the use of Social Security numbers on the application for a town credit card. Cathy for follow up with Michelle and other contacts at First National, for clarification.

  8. Clerk: Internet is sporadic today and was so on Friday as well. Consolidated came to check it out, will need to explore more issues tomorrow.

  9. SB: Lock box has been installed on porch of Town office, to replace the small black box on the door. Thank you, Doug. SB tentatively plan to meet with Liberty SB regarding RSU3, on July 18 at 5:00PM to start regular meeting at 6:30PM. Hannah to ask Liberty SB. FEMA update Hannah to send SB Liberty’s Payment policy and work on procurement narrative. Amy is planning to do the Commitment on July 11. SB will meet with Amy on 27th to converse about the commitment. There have been reports of CEO Cindy Abbott not being available to schedule site visits or to complete plumbing permits. SB would like to monitor permits coming in from Cindy, and would like Jacki to co-sign the permits Cindy did for Mike Abbott. 

  10. Ambulance Agreement: Cathy made motion to accept the edited Draft Ambulance Agreement with the Town of Liberty. Doug seconded. Unanimous. Hannah to send copy to the Town of Liberty and Bill Gillespie.

  11. Energy audits of buildings: Hannah to meet with Efficiency Maine on Friday.

  12. Fuel quotes: Hannah ask RH Foster about diesel. SB decided to use Down East Energy for propane at a fixed rate of $2.02. And Irving oil for heating fuel (no fixed or capped pricing at this time). Both unanimous. SB plans to decide on a vendor for equipment diesel June 20th.

  13. Policy discussions: Hannah to find any current job descriptions.  Hannah to send out the latest version of the bookkeeping policy to SB. SB discussed options for making sure all department heads have information about their budget lines and what is being charged to the town.

  14. Treasurer’s Warrants: Warrant #23 (AP) $11,115.83; Warrant Preview #24 (AP) $26,313.33; Warrant #24 (PR): $3,078.19 Signed.

  15. Motion to Adjourn: 9:15 PM



Respectfully submitted by Hannah Hatfield

Montville Select Board Meeting – Monday June 6, 2022


Present: Sharon Hibbard (2nd Selectperson).; Doug Thomas (3rd Selectperson); Hannah Hatfield (Administrative Assistant); Diana Chapin (Budget Review Committee); Karen York (MVFR); Richard Peavey (Road Commissioner); Jon Thornhill (Road Contractor); Justin Leeman (Sand Contractor); Garrison Leeman (Sand Contractor); Ronnie Litchfield (Sand Contractor).

Absent: Cathy Roberts (1st Selectperson).


  1. Call Meeting to Order: 6:10 PM

  2. Acceptance of Agenda and Minutes of May 31st: Tabled for full board.

  3. Open Sand Bids: SB opened the following bids for winter sand contract:

Justin D Leeman and Son $14.43/$16.43

S.D. Childs & Son $15.88/$16.88

R.A. Littlefield Logging and Construction $15.00/$16.00

Sharon made a motion to accept Justin D. Leeman and Son’s bid. Doug seconded. Motion carried.

  1. Open to the Public: Diana reported that the BRC has met and has made plans to research expenditures and costs of running the fire department, public works, transfer station, administration, and wages/stipends/mileage, as per the recommendation of the SB. 2 areas the BRC would like to add to the list are: the school, and the land trust properties that are exempt from property taxation. Questions: Who are considered the department heads? Can a policy be implemented for detailed time card reporting for all employees? When can the SB meet with the BRC? Hannah to contact BRC with meeting schedule times.

Karen asked if the BRC minutes can be posted on website. SB agreed that they should be, once they have been submitted.

  1. Roads: Richard submitted a bill for $28,500.00 for a road compactor (roller) from Brookside Equipment Sales. Sharon signed bill agreement with vendor. And SB verbally approved Gorham Savings lease agreement. SB reminded Richard that all equipment needs to have scheduled maintenance and maintenance record logs. Roadside Cutting: Richard said the price of mowing is up from last year and asked SB if it is worth it to mow the roadsides. SB wants more information about price/cost/need before deciding. Hannah to look at options.

  2. Transfer Station: Sharon made a motion to accept DM&J for Roll Off Day services, Doug seconded. Motion carries.  Hannah to connect with DM&J. Jon has been looking for a bus or a box truck for transportation of recyclables. Nothing found yet.

  3. MVFR/EMD: Karen requested several invoices from treasurer. And seeks clarity regarding the calculation of the Volunteer Fire Department allowance program of up to $50.00/month tax free wages.

  4. Treasurer: TRIO bill is higher than planned for. Hannah to ask TRIO what the new “Networking” fee is, and to look at original contract for a schedule of fee increases. SB discussed the need for a policy regarding Amazon purchases using the town card.

  5. Clerk: No report

  6. SB: Mileage for EMA approved. SB approved an HR training for Karen and requested that she share pertinent information from the training with the SB and/or other employees who may be interested. Doug reported that the new drop box of the Town Office is in process of being installed. Doug reported that residents have been having a hard time getting in contact with Cindy Abbott (CEO). Hannah to ask Cindy what her expected turnaround time is. SB acknowledged that Jacki (Deputy CEO) will need to be contacted as a back up if Cindy is unavailable.

  7.  Energy audits of buildings: Hannah has a meeting set up with Efficiency Maine to discuss options. Will connect with other auditors as well.

  8. Fuel quotes: Hannah is getting fuel quotes for LP, Heating oil, and diesel for equipment.

  9. CC application completion: SB has gotten mixed messages on the requirements from the bank for completing a credit card application. Sharon will clarify with Cathy about the source of her understanding that social security numbers were not required.

  10. 11th Hour: Cathy to reach out to School Board to discuss meeting with other Select Boards and the School Board about outlying Schools and other things effecting the overall school budget. Hannah to reach out to Liberty SB, re Walker School.

Hannah to continue to complete . Hannah to get new quotes for the . Doug to look at what needs to be done to shore up the Town House under the safe.

  1. Treasurer’s Warrants: Warrant #22 (AP) $37,733.36; Warrant Preview #23 (AP) $11,115.83; Warrant #23 (PR): $3,924.75 Signed.

  2. Motion to Adjourn: 8:45PM



Respectfully submitted by Hannah Hatfield

Montville Select Board Meeting – Tuesday May 31, 2022


Present: Cathy Roberts (1st Selectperson); Doug Thomas (3rd Selectperson); Hannah Hatfield (Administrative Assistant); Karen York (MVFR); Richard Peavey (Road Commissioner); Jon Thornhill (Road Contractor); Cindy Abbott (CEO/LPI) via Zoom.

Absent: Sharon Hibbard (2nd Selectperson).


  1. Call Meeting to Order: 6:15PM

  2. Acceptance of Agenda and Minutes of May 23rd: Approved

  3. Meet with Cindy Abbott and Jacki Robbins: Jacki was not present. Cindy agreed to comply with SB request to have Jacki complete any permits for contractors who are close family (including in-laws) that may offer the appearance of conflict of interest.  Hannah to send Cindy the email from MMA recommending the use of a Deputy LPI/CEO for such cases.

    1. Roads: Richard to proceed with looking for equipment that was approved at town meeting. And also, to rent equipment and/or hire subcontractors to keep to keep up with scheduled maintenance. Doug identified, took pictures, and GPS coordinates for parts of Center Rd that were damaged in October storm 2021. Richard to talk to DOT about culvert/driveway from Halfmoon gravel pit onto Rt 220.

    2. Transfer Station: Cathy reported that Brad is looking to get a spigot installed at the garage to allow for outside water to clean off the compactor etc. Hannah to look for plumbers and to have them connect with Brad. Sharon to create sign with transfer station hours of operation included. Hannah to get prices for containers, and tires for Roll-Off Day, and call DEP re tire fees that are imposed by retailers.

    3. MVRF/EMD: Karen submitted Montville Volunteer Fire and Rescue Inc. annual nonprofit corporation filing acknowledgment for 2022. Propane usage vs billing are still a concern at the fire station. Doug to help Karen find out if MA Haskell’s propane delivery records are consistent with fire station usage.

    4. Treasurer: No report

    5. Clerk: No report

    6. SB:

      1. Streamlining agenda: SB seeks to streamline meetings so that they do not extend as late as they have been. SB suggested that working on policy drafts remotely may help meeting efficiency. Next policies to explore are procurement and pay policies. These are prerequisites for reporting to FEMA regarding the October storm. 

      2. Tax accounts 1003 and 978: Hannah to follow up with treasurer and tax payers re recent payments and report back.

      3. Fuel tank ownership: Hannah to find bill of sale for LP tanks, and get quotes for propane and oil prices.

      4. Energy audits of buildings: Hannah to contact state agencies, and businesses, to inquire about grants and programs for energy audits for Town buildings.

  4. RSU3 Budget: SB would like to plan a meeting with the School Board and other out-lying district Select Boards to discuss the expenses of the out-lying elementary schools among other municipal/district concerns. SB would also like to meet directly with Liberty Select Board to discuss possible futures for Walker School, for our towns’ pupils, and for property tax payers.

  5. Treasurer’s Warrants: Warrant #21 (AP) $24,596.57; Warrant Preview #22 (AP) $37,733.36; Warrant #22 (PR): $2,706.53 Signed.

  6. Motion to Adjourn: 8:15PM



Respectfully submitted by Hannah Hatfield

Montville Select Board Meeting – Monday May 23, 2022


Present: Cathy Roberts (1st Selectperson); Sharon Hibbard (2rd Selectperson); Doug Thomas (3rd Selectperson); Hannah Hatfield (Administrative Assistant); John Billings (Budget Committee); Bibi Walther (Budget Committee); Nadine Cancell (Budget Committee); Herman Peaslee (Budget Committee); John York (Fire Chief); Karen York (MVFR); Jon Thornhill (Road Contractor); Bill Gillespie (Liberty Ambulance);


  1. Call Meeting to Order: 6:10PM

  2. Acceptance of Agenda and Minutes of April 26, May 2, May 9, May 16: Approved

  3. Budget Committee: SB and BC discussed interest in delving into each town department’s budgets, assets and functionality. Topics/departments of interest: Public Works, Fire Department, Emergency Management, Transfer Station, Administration, wages/stipends, RSU3, and grants.  SB and BC interested in keeping good communication with each other and the whole town about findings, via emails, website postings, newspaper notices, and hearings. SB and BC plan to meet again after BC meets on its own.

  4. Ambulance Contract: SB and Bill discussed possible changes to the contract that Liberty Ambulance has offered. Proposed changes include (but are not limited to): changing the document to an agreement; removing Jaws-of-Life provision; removing leeway for more municipalities to be added without notification; addition of an equal pay structure for all ambulance drivers. After hearing back from Atty. Marden, SB plans to meet again with Liberty SB and Bill to come up with a working agreement.

  5. Roads:

    1. Salt contract: SB signed winter salt contract with Morton.

    2. Trucks: no discussion

  6. Transfer Station:

    1. John York reported that a box truck, being sold by Bolsters, was not in good enough shape to pursue purchasing. Jon Thornhill is looking into other trucks/busses that may be able to transport recyclables. 

  7. MVRF/EMD: Karen noticed that there were fewer columns in the last financial report from Terry. Sharon to get with Karen about the formatting differences and needs.

  8. Treasurer: It was reported that the $25.19 amount charged for fuel at Hill top last month was a purchase made by Jack Hills for lawn mowing gas.

  9. Clerk: SB signed all 18 Warrants for the School vote on June 14th.

  10. SB:

    1. FOIA Certificates: Doug submitted his certificate.

    2. Tax accounts 1003 and 978: Revisit next week.

    3. Appointments: SB signed appointments for Jacki Robbins as Deputy LPI and Deputy CEO. And for Nadine Cancell as Appeals Board Member.

    4. SWCBC Update: Jim Troutman sent emailed a power point presentation describing how what and why a regional public utility option for broadband is being considered by SWCBC. Jim to come in for June 13th SB meeting for updates and info on what will need to happen for the Town to decide how to proceed.

    5. CC App: Cathy signed credit card application for bank. Names on the application are Cathy Roberts, John York and Karen York. Terry to submit to bank.

    6. Policies: SB signed Conflict of Interest Policy for Local Recovery Funds Projects. And SB signed Montville Town House Use Policy. SB worked on bookkeeping procedures policy.

    7. SB Signed Certified Ratio Declaration form with declared ratio of 79% with notice of the total revaluation being implemented this year.

  11. 11th Hour: Doug and Sharon to install the new 2-way drop off box for town office.

  12. Treasurer’s Warrants: Warrant #20 (AP) $7,078.94; Warrant Preview #21 (AP) $24,596.57; Warrant #21: $3,173.72 (PR) Signed.

  13. Motion to Adjourn: 9:15PM



Respectfully submitted by Hannah Hatfield


Montville Select Board Meeting – Monday May 16, 2022


Present: Cathy Roberts (1st Selectperson) via Zoom; Sharon Hibbard (2rd Selectperson); Doug Thomas (3rd Selectperson); Hannah Hatfield (Administrative Assistant); Paige Zeigler (State Representative); Chip Curry (State Senator); Terry Fischer (Treas/Tax Collector) via Zoom; Bill Gillespie (Liberty Ambulance); John York (Fire Chief); Karen York (MVFR); Richard Peavey (Road Commissioner); Jim Troutman (SWCBC); Jon Thornhill (Road Contractor);


  1. Call Meeting to Order: 6:00PM

  2. Acceptance of Agenda and Minutes of April 26, and May 2, and May 9: tabled for time.

  3. Meet with Rep Zeigler and Senator Curry re state surplus and state aid roads: Rep Zeigler supplied state contact number for the SB regarding state aid road improvement funding, and will get the SB a contact# for the Department of Education so that the school funding formula may be better understood. Sen Curry explained how the state “surplus” was utilized and he offered to come to subsequent SB meetings to address any town issues that may be in his interest or purview.

  4. SWCBC Update ~ Jim Troutman: Jim introduced himself to SB and listed many credentials pointing to his expertise regarding all things broadband, these concurred with Vernon’s reasons for recommending Jim as Montville’s representative to SWCBC. Jim reported that SWCBC is in favor of creating a public utility to create, administer and maintain a fiber optics network in the area. Jim to contact SB before any significant votes or considerations. SB voted to appoint Jim Troutman as Montville’s voting representative to Southwest Waldo Broadband Coalition, unanimous.

  5. Open to the Public: Bill Gillespie submitted a contract to the SB for Ambulance service related to the appropriation voted on at Town Meeting. SB to review, sign when approved and return.

  6. Prioritize roads for Summer~ Choate and North Ridge are top of list; FEMA meeting recap: Hannah to enter details of “damage inventory” on FEMA spreadsheet before July 10. Richard to help Hannah with GPS coordinates for areas of damage. Doug to map and describe Center Rd damage from Halloween storm. Hannah to take a FEMA procurement webinar on Thursday.  SB chose Morton Salt ($72.87/tn) to contract for winter roads salt, unanimous. Other bids were New England Salt ($81.65/tn) and Eastern Salt($97.90/tn); USPS mail carrier reported to a resident that they will not deliver on Spring Hill Rd. until the road is graded. Richard reported that Spring Hill was graded today. Richard to continue to look for a dump truck for sale. Richard reported that rock crushers are 60 days out. SB plan to meet with plow drivers before plow season to discuss salt and sand procedures. Hazard mitigation plan is still an option for long term funding to fix perennial road issues.

  7. : John submitted mileage log. SB approved. John submitted a copy of a grant application for turn-out gear. Hannah to remind Jack Hills about mowing around firehouse and garage. Hill top has submitted a fuel bill without clear indication of who purchased it. SB decided to pay it from MVFR account. SB agreed unanimously to allow John to ask for right of first refusal for a fire truck that may come for sale. This truck would replace an older one that is nearing the end of its use.

  8. Hammond invoice expense? Hannah to clarify what expense account should have been used on last statement.

  9. not present

  10. SB:

    • FOIA Certificates: in process

    • SB Priorities: tabled for time

    • Confirm BC meeting 23rd: Yes.

    • Tax accounts 1003 and 978: Tabled for time.

  11. CC application: tabled

  12. : Town House policy was edited for approval, ARPA Conflict of Interest policy is ready for approval, Bookkeeping was edited and reviewed. SB agreed to send bookkeeping policy draft to all Department heads before signing.

  13. Conflict of interest: Hannah to ask Jacki (prior Code Enforcement Officer) to sign a permit that included Cindy’s (current Licensed Plumbing Inspector’s) family member. Hannah to ask both to SB meeting after next. SB voted unanimously to appoint Jacki Robbins as Deputy Code Enforcement Officer and Deputy Licensed Plumbing Inspector.

  14. Instead of meeting on Memorial Day – May 30th, .

  15. Computer/batterie updates: tabled

  16. : tabled

  17. APRA update: tabled

  18. Treasurer’s Warrants: Warrant #19 (AP) $8,348.96; Warrant Preview (AP) #20 $7,078.94; Warrant #20: $3,162.84 (PR) Signed.

  19. Motion to Adjourn: 9:20PM



Respectfully submitted by Hannah Hatfield

Montville Select Board Meeting – MONDAY, MAY 9, 2022


Present: Cathy Roberts (1st Selectperson); Sharon Hibbard (2rd Selectperson); Doug Thomas (3rd Selectperson); Hannah Hatfield (Administrative Assistant); Terry Fischer (Treasurer/Tax Collector); Nicole Hubbard (School Board Rep); Richard Peavey (Road Commissioner); Karen York (Deputy EMD); John York (Fire Chief); Jon Thornhill (Road Contractor); John Billings (Budget Committee); Delia Billings (Resident).


  1. Call Meeting to Order: 6:00PM

  2. Acceptance of Agenda and Minutes of April 26 and May 2: Tabled for lack of time.

  3. RSU3 Budget Review with School Board Rep: Nicole presented her concerns about the amount of money that the School Board, as a whole, will be presenting at the May 25th vote for RSU3’s FY 2023 budget, and also her concerns about her ability to speak at School Board meetings. SB plans to respond to any indications that our RSU3 Representative may have been asked not to speak…SB decided to get the word out about the budget vote on May 25th with emails and Website post. Hannah to get contact info for other District Select Boards so that Montville’s SB can reach out. SB plan to meet early on May 16th to discuss further.

  4. SB asked Richard to start lining up contractors to do summer maintenance, repair and paving; Hannah to contact Rt 220 paving contractor. SB and Richard to plan a winter salt/sand meeting with DOT for later in the season. Hannah to price-shop for diesel fuel. FEMA meeting scheduled for May 11th to discuss work from Halloween Storm 2021.

  5. : Karen reported concerns about how Haskells is reporting propane deliveries. Hannah to look for other propane distributors.

  6. Terry reported that there is now one fuel log at the town diesel switch in the garage for all town diesel users to report diesel use on. Terry went over new budget accounts with SB.

  7. Not Present

  8. : Zeigler/Curry Meeting time: Hannah to invite Rep and Senator to SB meeting on May 16th. FOIA Certificates: FOIA training is required for the SB. SB to submit certification to Jodie. SB Priorities: Tabled for lack of time. Cathy signed agreement for LED lighting for the 5 street lights in Montville.

  9. SWCBC update: Vernon requested that SB appoint Jim Troutman as Montville’s voting representative on the SWCBC board.  Hannah to invite Jim to SB meeting for consideration of appointment.

  10. Appeals Board: Hannah to invite Nadine Cancell to SB meeting on May 23rd for consideration of appointment.

  11. SB signed Credit Card Policy and Mileage Policy. To be posted on web.

  12. Cathy reported that for sale. Cathy to follow up. SB to locate and supply the side of the garage with locked filing cabinet. SB to follow up with Brad regarding other .

  13. Treasurer’s Warrants: Warrant #19 (PR) $3,486.45; Warrant #18 (AP) $44,782.57; Warrant Preview #19 (AP) $8,348.96 Signed

  14. Motion to Adjourn: 9:25 PM



Respectfully submitted by Hannah Hatfield

Montville Select Board Meeting – MONDAY,  May 2, 2022


Present: Cathy Roberts (1st Selectperson); Sharon Hibbard (2rd Selectperson); Hannah Hatfield (Administrative Assistant); Richard Peavey (Road Commissioner); Karen York (MVFR); Herman Peaslee (Budget Committee); Jon Thornhill (Road Contractor).

Absent: Doug Thomas (3rd Selectperson).


  1. Call Meeting to Order: 6:15 PM

  2. Acceptance of Agenda and Minutes of April 26: Tabled for full board approval.

  3. RSU3 Budget Review with School Board Rep: Tabled for next week.

  4. : Hannah to contact DOT about scheduling another winter sand/salt meeting and offer Montville as host. Reps from FEMA/MEMA will meet with town on May 11th at 11 AM at the Town Office for a Recovery Scoping Meeting for the Halloween storm. SB would like to have current pictures of the reported roads, as well as written detail that we have so far, available. Hannah to invite Rep Zeigler and Senator Curry to SB meeting to discuss state/federal monies that could be used to improve State roads in Montville. SB decided to run the ads for winter sand for 4 weeks.

  5. : Karen asked if the Town has a contract with Haskell’s fuel for LP. Hannah to research this. MVFR and EMD Mileage reports will be reviewed at the May 9 SB meeting.

  6. : Not present. Hannah to ask Terry if she has filled out the credit card application for Frist National and also the vendor credit application for Spaulding’s in Albion.

  7. Not present

  8. : SB agreed to put a sign out on the Town Office lawn congratulating our Mt View graduates. SB plans to discuss priorities for the year on May 9th meeting.

  9. Sharon reported that the feasibility study is finished; Connect Maine grants have been awarded for this round. SWCBC will be looking at the projects that were and were not awarded the grant; SWCBC is continuing to consider joining forces and expanding the area focus of the coalition.

  10. Herman asked if can be posted on the Town website and through the clerk’s emails. SB agreed. Herman to discuss with Jodie. Herman to connect with Jodie about email accounts and usage for the BC. BC has interest in knowing when SB will have budget related topics on the agenda, and also in any guidance the SB may have for them.

Karen expects a , at the Town Office soon.

  1. Treasurer’s Warrants: Warrant #18 (PR) $9,073.39; Warrant #17 (AP) $6,791.83; Warrant Preview 18 (AP) $44,782.57 Signed

  2. Motion to Adjourn: 8:15 PM



Respectfully submitted by Hannah Hatfield

Montville Select Board Meeting – Tuesday,  April 26, 2022


Present: Cathy Roberts (1st Selectperson) via Zoom; Sharon Hibbard (2rd Selectperson); Doug Thomas (3rd Selectperson); Hannah Hatfield (Administrative Assistant); Terry Fischer (Treas/Tax Collector) via Zoom; John York (Fire Chief); Karen York (MVFR); Richard Peavey (Road Commissioner); Vernon LeCount (SWCBC); Jon Thornhill (Road Contractor); John Billings (Budget Committee Member), John Chapin (Resident), Diana Chapin (Budget Committee Member); Bonnie Hrichak (Resident) via Zoom; Chris Schmidt (Resident) via Zoom.


  1. Call Meeting to Order: 6:05PM

  2. Acceptance of Agenda and Minutes of April 18: Approved.

  3. Open to the Public: John Chapin asked if the SB has received word from the DOT about the extent of the Rt 220 resurfacing. He expressed significant concern that resurfacing without building the road up, would be a huge waste of time and money. Hannah to follow up with DOT.

Diana Chapin expressed . She submitted a letter explaining her concerns and observations, with recommendations on how to avoid these issues in the future, and how to facilitate residents’ rights to participate in pure democracy.

  1. SWCBC Update: Vernon provided an update from Southwest Waldo County Broadband Coalition. Quotes for broadband service from reporting internet providers are in the in the ballpark of $2.5 million for wiring the 5-town SWCBC area. Creating a public utility and expanding to more than the 5 towns now in the SWCBC, is on the table for discussion. SB interested in attending SWCBC meetings, and plan to rotate participation across the SB. SB interested in feasibility findings. Meetings are recorded.

  2. RSU3 Budget Review with School Board Rep: Tabled for School Rep participation.

  3. : Halfmoon gravel pit has had trees cleared off, grading is being done on gravel roads. Richard will start looking for dump truck. DOT will be scheduling other salt/sand meetings over the summer. Print outs from a DOT salt/sand meeting in Searsmont have been provided to Montville. Diesel fuel deliveries need to be increased, for the season. Hannah to put out sand bids. Richard to put up signs at gravel pits and garage.

  4. Transfer Station: Sharon reported, there has been no word from Drew about delivery of the bulletin board cabinet.  Cathy reported that MRC still poised to support a Municipal Waste and Recycling facility in Hampden. If there is no other qualified buyer, MRC will consider purchasing it. An approved bid/buyer is tentatively scheduled for June.

  5. : Karen requested to be included on pertinent emails relating to the Halloween Storm FEMA application process. Karen reported that the grant for canned water was not accepted this round.

  6. : Terry is in touch with First National Bank re credit card application. And will fill out. Terry to inform Department Heads when vendor applications have been approved. Terry to order lock box for invoices etc. for installation on porch.

  7. Select Board Office: SB will work on email transition 5/2. Will discuss SB vison and priorities for 2022 on 5/9. SB agreed to invest in a video conferencing unit to be able to host more effective remote meetings. Sharon to research. Doug to call Haskell’s Water Treatment to address the grit in the Town Office/Town House water line. Hannah to contact Craig Curry (Local Health Officer) re LHO updates and orientation. Jodie to post request for Appeals Board candidates. Hannah reported the On-Line University will have its new platform running on May 2nd, at which time employees can take trainings needed to comply with Department of Labor requirements. Hannah reported that the state calculated Developed Parcel Ratio is 72% this year. SB would like to meet with Amy Dunn (Assessing Agent) before completing the certified ratio declaration form. Hannah will meet with FEMA team on Wednesday April 27 for an exploratory call re Halloween Storm.

  8. : Hannah to send out, (and print up) current policy drafts. May 9th SB will review credit card, mileage, conflict of interest, and bookkeeping policies.

  9. Town House:

    • Usage request: SB decided that use of the Town House, other than for municipal meetings and elections, shall be limited to meetings lectures and educational presentations that are in the interest of the Montville public, and shall be open to all. Hannah to draft a policy for this modeled on an MMA building use policy example. Hannah to locate capacity of building and post in Town House.

    • : Doug will hook up water for Town House for the season.

  10. Cathy reported that she has been in touch with a who is a member of Jared Golden’s (2nd District Congressman’s) staff, about . He will be getting more details about grants appropriate for Montville. Cathy to share these with John York.

Doug will be absent for May 2nd SB meeting.

  1. Treasurer’s Warrants: Warrant #15 (AP) $49,929.18; Warrant Preview #17 $6,791.83 (AP); Warrant #17: $3,279.17 (PR) Signed.

  2. Motion to Adjourn: 8:20PM



Respectfully submitted by Hannah Hatfield


Montville Select Board Meeting – MONDAY,  April 18, 2022


Present: Cathy Roberts (1st Selectperson) via Zoom; Bob LeRoy (2rd Selectperson); Sharon Hibbard (3rd Selectperson); Hannah Hatfield (Administrative Assistant); Karen York (MVFR); Bonnie Hrichak (Resident) via Zoom.



  1. Call Meeting to Order: 6:04PM

  2. Acceptance of Agenda and Minutes of April 11: Approved

  3. Departments reports:

    • : SB acknowledged and deeply appreciates the remarkable effort put forth by Montville Volunteer Fire and Rescue, and all the other fire and rescue departments that responded to the complicated and extremely challenging circumstances related to a lethal explosion in Center Montville last week. Karen reported that residents are wondering if there is a coordinated effort to express support to the families most affected by the tragedy. SB was not aware of any efforts, and offered to publicize any, if they came to the Town’s attention.

  4. Policy discussion:

    • Resident Use of Town-owned Sand Policy: Bob and Sharon signed updated policy. Cathy was in favor of it remotely.

    • Credit Card: SB reviewed sample policies. Terry to look at Community Card application from First National.

    • : Karen re-submitted a draft of MVRF and EMD mileage for discussion. SB decided to keep the mileage rate at $0.50/mile for now, and to use the Maine State reimbursement rate beginning in 2023.

    • : SB seeks to acquire a suitable drop box for submitting invoices. Karen to send specs on box at fire station to SB.

    • Fuel Log: SB decided fuel logs for MVFR and Public Works should be submitted monthly.

    • Tabled

    • Emergency Expenditure: Tabled

    • Cyber Security: SB reviewed current policy and suggested that a cyber security evaluation be looked at by the Budget Committee.  

    • Computer Use Policy: Current Computer Use Policy was review and approved.

    • Cathy encouraged SB to read through . FYI.

  5. Hannah to order . Plates, napkins and water will also be needed.

  6. Cathy/Sharon to ask Brad .

  7. Hannah to ask Craig Curry ( on April 25 for a check-in and review.

  8. Broadband Coalition (SWCBC) asked if they could have updates at the Town Meeting for people to read. SB approved with the inclusion of contact information and clarity that no ARPA money will be spent without Town consent. Cathy and Hannah to follow up with SWCBC regarding the feasibility study and meetings thereof.

  9. There has been a for a local Democratic committee organizing meeting. Hannah to check with MMA about insurance coverage for Town House. SB needs more information to make a decision. Hannah has found records of a lot of past discussion re Town House usage, but no existing policies or ordinances.

  10. This being Bob’s his last Select Board meeting as 2nd Selectperson, for his service to the community as a Select Board member for the 3 years that he served, with a special appreciation for his service through these challenging years of pandemic lockdowns and protocols.

  11. Treasurer’s Warrants: Warrant #16: $2,178.97 (PR) Signed

  12. Motion to Adjourn: 8:00PM



Respectfully submitted by Hannah Hatfield

Montville Select Board Meeting – MONDAY,  April 11, 2022


Present: Cathy Roberts (1st Selectperson); Bob LeRoy (2rd Selectperson); Sharon Hibbard (3rd Selectperson); Hannah Hatfield (Administrative Assistant); John York (Fire Chief/EMD); Karen York (MVFR); Richard Peavey (Road Commissioner); Jon Thornhill (Road Subcontractor).



  1. Call Meeting to Order: 6:09PM at Montville Town House

  2. Acceptance of Agenda and Minutes of April 4, 2022: Approved

  3. : Richard reported that grading has begun; some culverts have been replaced/reset on North Ridge and Mehuren Rds. Jon has been cold patching. Haystack washed out on April 8th near the top. Pictures were taken to include in the FEMA file. SB unanimously approved of seeking quotes to strip gravel pits of wood and brush for better access. SB asked Richard to prioritize Choate for summer work. Jon to submit Thorndike letter sent to residents re: tree cutting.

  4. Recycling/Transfer Station: Cathy will use the Solid Waste Diversion grant as her test grant in a grants class she is taking starting in May. Bob reported that Drew will deliver the cabinets he made for the Transfer Station kiosk.

  5. Fire Department/EMD: Karen submitted MMA Ed MacDonald Safety grant application for cement work at fire house. Cathy signed.

  6. SB Office: Hannah to invite Nicole Hubbard (School Board Rep) to May 2nd SB meeting. 

  7. Treas/Tax Collector: No report

  8. : No report

  9. Town Meeting: Town Reports will be available on Wednesday April 13th. SB reiterated that the Town Meeting will still be held at Mt View High School Gymnasium and cited the rise in COVID-19 numbers.

  10. : Hannah to send out all policies-in-progress to the SB. Adding tree cutting policy onto the list. SB will review policies at April 18th SB meeting.

  11. : Ongoing

  12. : Hannah to take reporting webinar on Wednesday. Cathy will call Congressman Jared Golden’s office regarding other federal funding opportunities.

  13. Hearing Structure: Cathy to moderate hearing. SB agreed on time limits for speakers.

  14. : SB signed appointments for Code Enforcement Officer and for Licensed Plumbing Inspector: Cindy Abbott (for both). Hannah to find out if Appeals Board members must be residents.

  15. Treasurer’s Warrants: Warrant Preview #15: $49,929.18(AP); Warrant#14: $58,101.81 (AP); Warrant #15: $3,017.04 (PR) Signed

  16. Motion to Adjourn: 7:00PM



Respectfully submitted by Hannah Hatfield

Montville Select Board Meeting – MONDAY,  April 4, 2022


Present: Cathy Roberts (1st Selectperson); Bob LeRoy (2rd Selectperson); Sharon Hibbard (3rd Selectperson); Hannah Hatfield (Administrative Assistant); Cindy Abbot (Prospective CEO/LPI); John York (Fire Chief/EMD); Karen York (MVFR); Fran Gonzalez (Resident) via Zoom.


  1. Call Meeting to Order: 6:05PM

  2. Acceptance of Agenda and Minutes of March 28: Approved  

  3. Department reports:

    • Richard not present. Hannah to ask Richard what the plan is to open up roads again, and if he’s OK with getting next year’s winter sand arriving before the salt. Signs for Sewell Rd and the gravel pits need to go up. Lots of road signs missing. Hannah to research fishway grants for Bean Rd culverts.

    • Recycling/Transfer Station: SB is looking at a box truck for sale, as potential recycling transport. Sharon to report back on its condition.

    • Fire Department/EMD: SB OK with Waldo County Emergency Management website information being sent out via email. Karen to send list of sites to town office. MVFR re-submitted list of possible categories for the SB to consider as allowable mileage reimbursement categories. SB and John and Karen discussed audit numbers in MVFR Matching Grants account, for better understanding of revenue and expenses that were applied to 2021.

    • SB Office: 4 copies of the Town Warrant were signed by SB, for posting. Hannah to ask Nicole Hubbard (School Board Rep) to come to a SB meeting before the RSU3 budget vote on the May 25. SB concerned about the proposed 7.97% increase in the local budget. Bob to contact Drew about the materials he has from the Transfer station kiosk project of 2020. Town of Liberty asked if Montville would donate money for the Memorial Day parade prizes. Need more details.

    • Treas/Tax Collector: No report.

    • No report.

  4. Town Meeting: Town Report is currently at the printer.

  5. : Hannah to email current policy versions to SB. SB to discuss at April 18th meeting.

  6. On going.

  7. On going.

  8. : Hannah to invite Craig Curry to SB meeting re: Local Health Officer re-appointment.

  9. Cindy Abbot: Cindy is newly certified as a Code Enforcement Officer and Licensed Plumbing Inspector. Jacki Robbins (Montville’s current CEO/LPI) recommended her for the appointment. Jacki would shadow Cindy during transition, if the SB appoints Cindy.  Bob made motion to appoint Cindy Abbot as Montville’s CEO and LPI for 2022. Cathy seconded. Unanimous. Hannah to provide appointment papers, and inform Peter Kassen (Planning Board Chair).

  10. P+C Schedules: Revised and updated.

  11. Town Owned Property: Hannah to contact last owner of record of Acc 978 to update payment plan.

  12. Treasurer’s Warrants: Warrant Preview #14: $58,101.81(AP); Warrant#13: $5,96.83 (AP); Warrant #13: $4,546.91 (PR) Signed

  13. Motion to Adjourn: 8:55PM



Respectfully submitted by Hannah Hatfield


Contact emails:

Cathy Roberts, 1st Selectperson/Assessor

Bob LeRoy, 2nd Selectperson/Assessor

Sharon Hibbard, 3rd Selectperson/Assessor

Jodie Martin, Town Clerk

Terry Fischer, Tax Collector/Treasurer

Select Board Meeting Minutes 


The Town Of Montville was Established in 1807

Select Board 

1st Select Person: Cathy Roberts

2nd Select Person: Sharon Hibbard

3rd Select Person: Doug Thomas

The Select Board can be reached at 342-5543

Administrative Assistant: 

Hannah Hatfield


Monday in Office Hours: 1:00 pm - 9:00pm 

Wednesday in Office Hours: 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Friday in Office Hours: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

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