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Select Board 


The Select Board will be meeting on Monday, June 12th at 5 pm. For their regular meeting time.

Continual ZOOM Link to Select Board Meetings:

*** If you are going to be zooming in to a meeting, please call Hannah (the Select Board's Administrative Assistant) so she can turn the ZOOM option on. 207-342-5543 ***

Last Approved Minutes:

Montville Select Board Meeting Monday ~ May 22, 2023


Attending: Cathy Roberts (First Selectperson), Sharon Hibbard (Second Selectperson), Doug Thomas (Third Selectperson), Hannah Hatfield (Administrative Assistant to SB), Jon Thornhill (plow contractor), Amy Bliss (resident), John York (Fire Chief/EMD); Karen York (Deputy EMD), Bonnie Hrichak (Budget Committee), Henry Spaulding Jr. (Plow Contractor); Henry Spaulding Sr. (Plow Contractor); Justin Leeman (Contractor); Garrison Leeman (Contractor).



  1. Call Meeting to Order: 4:30PM


  1. Meeting with Assessing Agent:

  • Amy D reported that the listers plan to be done with all site visits for the reval by Saturday, she expects the data entry to be complete by June, by the middle of July will be ready to send out cards to residents with the revaluation assessments, and finally a projected commitment date of late August, likely.

  • SB requested that Amy D. continue sharing progress reports with the SB every 2 to 3 weeks.

  •  SB signed the certified ratio declaration form at 100%.

  • SB decided to accept a Homestead exemption that had previously been rejected.


  1. Executive Session regarding personnel review John 5PM-6PM


  1. Acceptance of Agenda and Minutes from May 15: Tabled


Cathy went over SB meeting guidelines of decorum and efficacy.


  1. Public Comment:

  • Amy B asked if CMP had been called about tree on Halldale. Doug reported that it had been. And that the tree is not in the line of danger for their lines, therefore it is not in CMP’s scope of work to remove it. SB noted that the tree will be on the list, with other trees, for cutting.

  •  Justin reported that he did not resign from his plow contract. Cathy referred to a public meeting in which he verbally resigned from the plow contract along with all work for the Town of Montville. The SB held their position to accept Justin’s resignation as previously stated.

  • Bonnie asked about the replacement of utility poles on Burnham Hill. Sharon to call Consolidated and public utilities to see about it getting fixed.

  • Doug reported from Jodie that a culvert near 888 Halldale Rd is still blocked with sand.

  • Henry Sr. asked about installing street signs. He reported that Frye Mtn. needs many. Cathy will bring up with State DOT. Hannah to ask about signage/maps from Parks and Public Lands department, for our emergency workers. Henry Sr. to make a list for SB of absent Town road signs.

  1. Roads Summary:

  • SB and Road Commissioner prioritizing storm damage and other maintenance issues.

  • Doug is working on securing a tank for diesel at the garage.


  1. MVFR:

    • Karen reported that MVFR wages have had a notable increase due to more emergency calls. SB asked Karen and John for a statistical review/breakdown of the hours worked.

    • MVFR interested in doing a “doll house burn” presentation at Field Day, by at licensed professional instructor. Hannah ask MMA about insurance.

    • John presented an inventory barcode scanning system to keep track of inventory for any town department. FYI


  1. Transfer Station: Box Truck is in Hamden. Sharon and Doug to inspect tentatively on Wednesday. Brad to contact hauler for moving shed.


  1. 11th Hour:


  • No SB meeting on Memorial day. SB to meet on Tuesday May 30.

  • Budget Committee meeting June 19th or 26th. BC still to decide. Bonnie to contact Nadine to request 26

  • Hannah not here from June 2nd to June 6th ,

  • Adi (MCOG) to do a presentation to town (and BC and Karen) to speak about grant services. Needs list of priorities for types of projects.

  • BLS Survey for garage was received. Doug will read it over.

  • Sharon to look over sample cyber policy.

  • Hannah to look for Town Garage Emergency Action Plan.


  1. Treasurer’s Warrant: Warrant #20: $12,311.51 (AP): Warrant #21 (PR): $3,496.95; Warrant Preview #21 (AP): $33,532.69. Signed


  1. Adjourn: 8:45PM


Respectfully submitted by Hannah Hatfield

Montville Select Board Meeting Monday ~ May 15, 2023


Attending: Cathy Roberts (First Selectperson), Sharon Hibbard (Second Selectperson), Doug Thomas (Third Selectperson), Hannah Hatfield (Administrative Assistant to SB), Jon Thornhill (plow contractor), Amy Bliss (resident), Karen York (Deputy EMD), Terry Fischer (Treasurer/Tax Collector), Jodie Martin (Town Clerk), Bonnie Hrichak (Budget Committee), Brad Peters (Transfer Station Manager).



  1. Call Meeting to Order: 5:07PM

  2. Acceptance of Agenda and Minutes from May 1 and May 8: Approved 

  3. Public Comment:

    • Amy informed SB of a tree she said is in danger of falling into the road on Halldale. CMP is having trees cut on that road this week. Doug to find out if tree in question can be addressed by CMP’s contractor. Situation noted.

    • Amy asked if there have been any changes in the plow contracts. SB has winter road contracts on next week’s agenda.

    • Amy asked if it is a conflict of interest for Select Board member, Doug Thomas, who is on the fire department payroll, to sign warrants that include his firefighting wages. SB reported that there is no conflict of interest because Doug is not an officer in the MVFD. Doug offered to volunteer on Fire Dept for free. Cathy suggested recusal and all agreed.

  4. Treasurer: Terry described the process for paying back-pay for fire department wages and fuel reimbursements. More clarifications were made regarding fuel stipends.

  5. Roads:

  • Jodie read list of resident road concerns. List included: sand blocking a culvert; a washout; pot hole; and 3 requests for grading. SB noted concerns.

  • SB appointed Richard Peavey as Road Commissioner, unanimous. Jodie to swear him in.

  • Shoulders on Center Rd are being worked on. Cathy to contact Richard about grading.

  1. MVFR:

    • SB and Karen discussed grant consultant prospects. SB stated that the town’s membership with MCOG (Midcoast Council of Governments) is the primary resource for grant help at this time. Karen to contact grant consultant Victoria Flynn to get quotes for the specific grants she is interested in. Cathy to contact MCOG to see if/how they might be able to consult on same grants.  SB to put “grant priorities” on the agenda after May 31st which is the grant survey deadline.

    • SB to hold a meeting on May 23rd at 8AM to discuss current Bookkeeping policy.  Karen to provide a written summary to the SB, prior to May 23rd meeting, of requests for changes to the current bookkeeping policy.

  2. Transfer Station:

    • Box Truck was in Scarborough last week and will be in Hampden tomorrow. SB to plan on getting up there for an inspection.

    • Sharon to ask the administrators of the Solid Waste Diversion Grant if we can build a shed roof for protection of vehicle with grant funds.

    • Brad and Richard and SB member to meet at the public works area May 17th at 8AM, to discuss layout of facility. Need to accommodate for truck and new shed. Brad to schedule hauler for shed after laying out the landing site.

    • Doug reported that Bureau of Labor Statistics will issue a report for PW and Garage. Report will arrive in few weeks.

    • Hannah to laminate a sign for transfer station informing residents of transfer station summer hours. Starting May 31st: Wed 5:30PM to 7:30PM and Saturday 8:00AM to 2:00PM ending September 6th. Jodie to post on website.

    • Sharon reported that Androscoggin Council of Governments hosts hazardous waste days periodically in Lewiston for anyone in Maine. SB wondered if MCOG could help organize hazardous waste days for our area.  SB to ask MCOG.

  3. Executive Session as per 1M.S.R.A. § 405(6)(A) regarding personnel review. 6:50PM-7:30PM.

  4. Assessing: Amy Dunn (Assessing Agent) to meet with board at 4:30PM on May 22nd for reval up-dates and projections.

  5. Info Tech up-date: Infotech to install new server, and both computers in the front office on Tuesday May 23rd. Hannah to email MMA policy regarding cyber security to SB.

  6. Treasurer’s Warrant: Warrant #19: $16,461.77 (AP): $28,536.29; Warrant #20 (PR): $1,622.60; Warrant Preview #20 (AP): $12,311.51. Signed

  1. 11th Hour:

  • A resident reported that after the first mowing at Mt Repose there was a lot of grass on the stones that were lying flat. SB requested that the job of blowing/sweeping off stones after mowing be included in the mowing contract next year.  Hannah to notify Lawn and Order of request for clearing off flat stones. 

  • Diesel tank at public works needs to be replaced. Doug to get details about Clean Harbors services, and also from tank vendor in Jay, and other tank sources.

  • Budget Committee and SB to meet with Liberty Budget Committee Chair, Elise Brown. Nadine (Budget Committee Chair) and Elise to find a date.

  • Cathy to send most recent Credit Card and Fuel Card Policy draft to SB.

  • SB signed letter to Justin Leeman accepting his resignation from his winter roads contract. Hannah to send to Justin certified return receipt.  

  1. Adjourn: 8:30



Respectfully submitted by Hannah Hatfield

Montville Select Board Meeting Monday ~ May 8, 2023


Attending: Cathy Roberts (First Selectperson), Sharon Hibbard (Second Selectperson), Doug Thomas (Third Selectperson), Hannah Hatfield (Administrative Assistant to SB), Jon Thornhill (plow contractor), Amy Bliss (resident), Karen York (Deputy EMD), Terry Fischer (Treasurer/Tax Collector), Jodie Martin (Town Clerk), Bonnie Hrichak (Budget Committee), Henry Spaulding Sr. (Plow Contractor), Henry Spaulding Jr. (Plow contractor), Greg Carver (resident), Cindy Abbott (Code Enforcement Officer), Jeremy Holt (resident).



  1. Call Meeting to Order: 5:15PM

  2. Acceptance of Agenda and Minutes from May 1: Tabled


  1. Roads:

    • Jon submitted proposal for work on his plow roads. He expressed concern for the pot holes in town, particularly for the ones on Morrill Rd bridge. Noted by SB. He reported that there is still no barricade at the far end of Penney Rd, which is closed until the culvert can be addressed. Doug to make sure road closed sign gets installed.

    • Jodie read list of resident road concerns. Issues included requests for culvert cleaning and grading.

    • SB to meet on Wednesday 8:00AM at town garage with Richard, Road Commissioner. SB to focus meeting on road work schedule, quality control and hiring/contracting procedures.

    • Doug to sign up for stream crossing grant class on May 16th.

    • Doug reported that the salt lean-to back wall has been impacted by salt loading.

    • Bo Atkinson reported that on North Ridge Rd the ledge may have been culprit for undermining of culverts.

    • Doug to meet Bureau of Labor Standards at town garage on Tuesday morning, May 9th.

    • Karen reported that water has been found in the town diesel tank. SB decided tank needs a cover. And more research into the water source. John York is working on pumping out the remaining diesel.

    • SB to notify Richard to go ahead with contacting Dig-Safe for grading purposes.MVFR: Karen asked about mileage payments for Fire Chief and Emergency Management Director. SB clarified that those budget lines are stipends and do not need mileage logs to be submitted. 


  1. CEO: In reference to Junkyard/Recyclers license renewal, Cindy said that because of how long Clarks Corner has been in operation, it may be grandfathered and therefore not be required to have a fence around the whole facility. SB asked Cindy to contact them to begin process of attaining current compliance requirements.

Topic of private “junk yards” tabled for more research. Cindy said she can write a letter on behalf of the SB, to residents. Health hazards and the number of unregistered vehicles are considerations for further discussion.


  1. Executive Session Pursuant to M.R.S.A.§405(6)(A) Regarding personnel and contractual agreements. 5:40PM ~6:20PM


  1. Transfer Station:

  • Sharon reported the box truck has been in VT will come to Maine and then SB can go visit it to assess. Sharon will hear this week.

  • Prospective recycling shed needs emptying and then hauling, and also design of the space at transfer station, for it to be installed. SB to involve Richard and Brad in the conversation of lay out.

  • Clothing box, by resident sand shed, is being removed by vendor.

  • SB to research the possibility of having a farmers’ market on the garage lawn during Transfer Station open hours. Cathy check with the grange. Hannah check with MMA.

  1. Assessing:

  • Abatement and Supplemental for Acc# 338 signed by SB.

  • Tax payers will be sent tax cards with the updated valuations of their property prior to commitment and will have several weeks to make an appointment to have questions answered regarding the value. Jodie reported that the commitment is likely to be ready in late August. SB to check in with Amy soon. 

  • SB unanimously decided not to assess house lots on adjacent parcels (owned by same owner) if the additional parcel(s) are vacant lots.

  • SB to allow for a homeowner to submit homestead application late, pending proof of having inquired about it with the town prior to April 1st.


  1. SB Packet:

  • Cathy to follow up with credit card vendor to confirm application status.

  • Cathy to follow up with Nadine regarding Budget Committee meetings.

  • Brad to meet with SB for periodic employee review on May 15th.


  1. Treasurer’s Warrant: Warrant #18 (AP): $28,536.29; Warrant #19 (PR): $6,525.27; Warrant Preview #19 (AP): $16,461.77. Signed


  1. 11th Hour:


  • Cathy reported that Friends of Haystack Mountain (FOHM) has purchased the part of Haystack Mountain that used to be owned by Allen’s Blueberry’s. It is now protected from development. FOHM sincerely thanks Montville residents for their support.

  • RSU3 Public Budget vote happening on May 24th at 6:30 pm at the Mount View Elementary/Middle School Gym.

  1. Adjourn: 8:00PM

Respectfully submitted by Hannah Hatfield

Montville Select Board Meeting Monday ~ May 1, 2023


Attending: Cathy Roberts (First Selectperson), Sharon Hibbard (Second Selectperson), Doug Thomas (Third Selectperson), Hannah Hatfield (Administrative Assistant to SB), Jon Thornhill (plow contractor), Amy Bliss (resident), Karen York (Deputy EMD), John York (Fire Chief), Terry Fischer (Treasurer/Tax Collector), CJ Rideout (road contractor) and Travis Abbott (road contractor), Jodie (Town Clerk)


  1. Call Meeting to Order: 5:05PM

  2. Administrative Assistant Interview in Executive Session as per 1M.S.R.A.§ 405(6)(A):5-5:20

  3. Acceptance of Agenda and Minutes from April 24th: Approved.

  4. Info Tech Representative: Info Tech to begin backups, security and assessments of the computes and network. Wednesday or Friday. 

  5. Public Comment: Jon T. asked about plans for summer roadworks. SB directed Jon to the priority list on wall of meeting room, plus addressing the damage from the May 1st storm. Jon said he will be presenting a proposal for maintaining the miles of road that he plows. SB decided to temporarily close Penney until culvert is stabilized. Karen to contact post office and school regarding Penney Rd closure. Jodie to post as well.

  6. Clerk: Jodie's weekly resident’s road report list included: A request for Randlett plowing to be done in more timely manner; Spring Hill grading left rocks and dirt in lane and on sides; Morse Rd has a washed out at a driveway; North trotting park needs work. SB noted. Jodie introduced a grant for mitigating brown tail moth. 

  7. Roads:

    • Plow contract discussion: SB accepted J. Leeman resignation. This leaves Center Rd in need of a plow contractor to fulfill the next 2 years of the contract.

    • SB to reaffirm Rt 220 contract with Spaulding’s. SB to invite Henry Spaulding Sr. and Jr. to meeting on May 8th. Discussion regarding future plow contracts and options to include bonds, delay of payments in lieu of bonds, a list of current equipment owned and insured.  No decision.

    • John Y asked if visibility was considered when Randlett driveway went in at Morrison gravel pit. SB requesting more info from Richard about safety of driveway and can it be improved.

    • Continued discussion about ownership of the discontinued south end of Bean Rd. Cathy to inspect the area of Bean Rd again. SB to continue to research acceptable options for access to Bean Rd. 

    • SB discussed April 30/May 1 storm damage. Current plan/ projects: Mehuren; Morrill; Burnham Hill; and Hogback Mtn. Family Traditions submitted equipment rates. SB and Road Commissioner to have Family Traditions and Jack Martin to begin repair work on storm damaged roads.

    • SB to have road workshop: re current issues and FEMA budget plan. Time/date to be determined and posted. 

  8. MVFR:

    • Karen submitted certificate of reinsurance for contractor Benjamin Feeney who has been hired to repair the fire station door. 

    • John reported that MVFR and Doug spent a lot of time during and after storm assessing and remediating danger. 

  9. Transfer Station:

    • Box Truck: SB to connect with Penske regarding arrival of box truck.

    • Shed: Brad found hauler. Hannah to report back about shed availability on Monday.
      SB Packet: Hannah to find out about dig safe requirements regarding annual grading.


11. Treasurer’s Warrant: Warrant #17 (AP): $35,888.92; Warrant #18 (PR): $3,780.01; Warrant Preview #18 (AP): $28,536.29. Signed


12. Adjourn: 8:15PM


Respectfully submitted by Hannah Hatfield

Montville Select Board Meeting Monday, April 24, 2023


Present: Cathy Roberts (1st Selectperson); Sharon Hibbard (2nd Selectperson); Doug Thomas (3rd Selectperson) via Zoom; Hannah Hatfield (Administrative Assistant); Craig Curry (Local Health Officer); Terry Fischer (Treasurer/Tax Collector): Jodie Martin (Town Clerk).



  1. Call Meeting to Order: 5:00PM


  1. Administrative Assistant Interview in Executive Session as per 1M.S.R.A.§ 405(6)(A): 5PM-5:30PM


  1. Acceptance of Agenda and Minutes from March 27th and April 3rd and April 10th and April 17: All approved.


  1. LHO Interview in Executive Session as per 1M.S.R.A.§ 405(6)(A):  6:00PM- 6:30PM


  1. Hannah to ask MMA about Local Heath Ordinance samples.  Cathy nominated to appoint Craig Curry as the Local Health Officer for another year. Voted unanimously in favor (Doug through zoom).


  1. Old Taxes: Terry described the lien process. She does not place real estate liens on accounts with balances of 25$ or less. Terry stated that she will not hand delivering any lien notices.


  1. Public Comment: None


  1. Roads: Jodie is keeping a road complaint log, generated from residents’ comments about roads. She shared the current list with the SB. Cathy to relay the list to Richard and Doug to follow up with Richard concerning contractors and Public Works employees.

Cathy reported that sand buckets are in garage and waiting to be transported to be tested.

SB discussed paving bids and whether we can use our own gravel for the paving mix. All State has the ability to install a pugmill in our pit for this purpose. Other bids coming.

Richard is getting public works vehicles serviced.

Hannah to meet with Richard soon regarding FEMA.

Richard to look over all public works bills to clarify amounts and units.


  1. Transfer Station: Box truck has been ordered; deposit has been paid. We will be hearing from a Penske vehicle sales coordinator to schedule a time for us to check it out and begin the inspections.

Shed: Cathy reported that Brad finding a person to tow shed.


  1. SB Packet:

Hannah to research votes on snowmobile club payments.

SB signed mowing contract with Lawn and Order.

Hannah to follow up on Cyber Security requirements, before meeting with Info Tech.

Cathy made a motion to schedule a meeting Info Tech to finalize computer systems support services. Approved unanimously. Hannah to call Info Tech.


  1. Treasurer’s Warrant: Warrant Preview #17 AP: $35,888.92; Payroll Warrant #17: $3,166.78; Warrant #16 AP: $10,529.66. Signed.


  1. 11th Hour: Jodie reported that she has added a Montville Historical Society page onto the Town website and community health page.

SB asked Jodie to post the grant topic survey on the website with a May 31st deadline.



  1. Adjourn: 8:05

Montville Select Board Meeting Minutes

Monday, April 17, 2023


Attendees:  Cathy Roberts (First Selectperson), Sharon Hibbard (Second Selectperson), Doug Thomas (Third Selectperson), Karen York (Deputy EMD), John York (Fire Chief), Nadine Cancel (Budget Committee), Henry Spaulding Jr. (Road Contractor), John Spinney (resident), Sandy Spinney (resident)


  1. Call Meeting to Order: 5:07pm

  2. Acceptance of Agenda and Minutes from March 27th and April 3rd and April 10th: HOLD

  3. Public Comment: time limited

  4. Budget Committee Chair Report: Discussion regarding Liberty Budget Committee, Nadine to contact Elise Brown.  Nadine requests up to date financials, focal areas to include School, Roads, Administrative. The Select Board would like BC to consider taking on more of a role in drafting the initial annual budget.  More discussion on this proposal to follow.

  5. Roads:

  • FEMA grading not applicable. Need to complete procurement, HR, pay policies. Update credit card and review book keeping.

  • BLS contact made 1:35pm 4/11, no response as of today (4/17/23)

  • Sand to submit 2 samples for testing. One from shed (will include salt), other from various parts of pit where shed gravel obtained.

  • Bean Rd Extension/Current updates – The Board has contacted MCOG and Soil and Conservation Organization to help get guidance on how to coordinate all parties involved in culvert repairs.

  • Received refund check for tax on Chemical Cabinets purchased with Grant last year, request check deposited to Grants account. 

  • O'Reilly's account, need Tax Exempt and signatures from Treasurer.

  • Propane agreed to pay emergency delivery fee, no way to determine route of issue, suggestion to provide notice in writing so have documentation for future.

  • AED battery, charged for battery but is on wait list for replacement until September.

  • Discussion on Credit Card policy limit per transactions.

  • MVFR Field Day auction renamed.

  • Alfond Grant discussion, issues regarding process used, payments received

  • Questions regarding results of final audit and monthly reports.


​7. Executive Session As per 1 M.R.S.A § 405(6)(A),  at 6:18pm exit at 6:59pm.


8. Transfer Station:

  • Box Truck ongoing

  • Shed - ongoing search for someone to move shed. Totman’s cannot move.

  • MRC moving ahead with contract with Innovative Resource Recovery, e

  • DM&J Contract - question over percentage vs decimal in surcharge, otherwise contract appears same as previous year. Request to specify bullet containers, as there is more space for municipal waste.


9. Policies: tabled


10. Climate Resiliency: Climate Resiliency: MCOG to work with Select Board on climate action plan. Community participation will be important.  Once plan is completed, MCOG will help Board prepare and apply for grants available from the state.


11. SB Packet: SB voted to write off $70.44 in back taxes from R576 2016-2020 from overlay. This property became town owned and was sold in 2022. Associated interest and costs to be waived. Unanimous.

 12. Treasurer’s Warrant: Payroll Warrant #16 $4,298.76; Warrant Preview #16 (AP) $10,529.66; No regular Warrant #15.


13. Adjourn: 8:15PM



Respectfully submitted by Cathy Roberts

Montville Select Board Meeting Monday, April 10, 2023


Present: Cathy Roberts (1st Selectperson); Sharon Hibbard (2nd Selectperson); Doug Thomas (3rd Selectperson); Hannah Hatfield (Administrative Assistant); Karen York (Deputy EMD); Jeremy Holt (resident); Glenn Visser (resident); Henry Spaulding Jr. (Plow Contractor); Henry Sr. (Plow Contractor); Kal Keithan (resident); Greg Carver (resident); Jon Thornhill (Plow Contractor); Amy Bliss (resident); Fran Gonzalez(resident); John York (MVFR Chief/EMD).


  1. Call Meeting to Order: 5:00PM



  2. Acceptance of Agenda and Minutes from March 27th and April 3rd: Tabled


  1. Public Comment:

  • Doug mentioned that Henry Spaulding Jr.  is grading now. Garrett Butler and Henry Jr. have been asked by Richard to cover regular road work while Richard is on leave. Doug to talk to Richard, Henry Jr. and Garrett at garage tomorrow to prepare for Richard’s absence.

  • Greg mentioned a pot hole out here in center rd. SB stated that it is on “On the list” of repairs that are needed.

  • Kal requested that the snowmobile money refunded to the town from the state to be given to Palermo Snowmobile Club. The Palermo Club maintains the “ITS” trail from Lake St George to Frye Mountain, including miles of Montville trail.  Will get more info on the amount and if SB can decide or if it needs to be a Town Meeting vote.

  • Kal asked what he would need for permits to rebuild his garage. SB informed him that an Intent to Build form is necessary and that if there is any change of use of the property, that it may need to go before the Planning Board. Kal affirmed that no change of use was planned for the project.

  • Jon asked whether the Penney Rd is open or closed, wanted to know about why road matts were not installed in January, should there be a weight limit on Penney Road and when cold patched would be applied on town SB reported Penney Road is open and signs will be removed.

  • Jeremy asked if is Justin Leeman would be plowing for the Town next year. SB said that after the snow plowing season - May 1st it will address snow plowing contracts.


  1. Roads: FEMA/BLS/Sand/Current updates

    • Bureau of Labor Standards was contacted today to look at town garage. Will call back this week.

    • Richard is getting a bucket of sand to Cathy/Sharon to get inspected by S.W. Cole. 110$ per sample. SB wants to inspect one bucket/sample.

    • Cathy reported that Richard is asking for a white board for the garage to keep track of projects/priorities.

    • SB is concerned about the harassment complaints from sub-contractors. The Select Board agreed that no harassment will be tolerated and added that harassment of others may be cause for breach of contract. Sharon researching work zone safety and to take a gravel roads class.

    • Doug reported that he got new keys for garage.

    • Jon to pick up his oxygen tanks from the garage. Needs them by May. Macs Oxygen may be contacted regarding service.


  1. MVFR:

    • Budweiser drinking water grant was applied for by Karen. Karen reported that she is applying for a Ed MacDonald Safety grant for wildland fire fighting pfas free gear. SB approved request to sign grant. Unanimous.

    • Karen has examined Downeast propane statements and would like to challenge charges for the emergency delivery. Will have answer by next warrant. SB to keep looking for a new company. Downeast bill get’s paid out of an admin account, so Karen didn’t see the January bill which also got charged extra fees as well.

    • Karen reported that the MVFR will be changing the name of the raffle that they put on at the Field Day. Will let Field Day committee know when the name is decided.

    • Karen asked for copies of checks from Alfond Center Training Grant’s as soon as they are received. Some of the classes were not attended, so there needs to be a check and balance.

    • As per discussion on fire chief protocol, John confirmed that fire chiefs are required by law to determine the cause and origin of all fires.

    • John reported that garbage burning barrels are illegal. Hannah to ask Jodie to post on website.



  1. Transfer Station:

    • DEP sent check for the Solid Waste Diversion Grant for our box truck. SB is looking for a truck. Pensky still an option.

    • Recycling shed will be available to be transported to the transfer station in May. Cathy to ask Totman’s Towing to see if they can move the shed. Brad and Richard to weigh in on where the new shed should be situated. The ice shack needs to be removed.

    • Cathy to attend MRC webinar on 13th for new plans for the plant in Hampden. MRC has new candidate for restarting operations at there.

    • DM&J Contract renewal needs to be signed. Hannah to check with DM&J on percentage error and request for bull nose containers

  2. Policies:

  • Bookkeeping: Cathy a made motion to accept the reports as is without deadline. No Second. Doug to ask MMA if SB can mandate a deadline for reports. Include detail YTD in policy, Sharon said TRIO must be contacted and spoken to about the report headings. Wait for Doug to report back before deciding.

  • Credit card: New draft to be sent to all department heads. Questions about adhering to emergency aspect of policy. Doug recommends $1000.00/month limit. Cathy to contact First National about increasing regular credit card. All users must sign off on policy. Send to Department heads after edits.

  • Procurement: Hannah to send Doug sample policy and get wording for requiring bonds on big contracts. SB to run stipulations by department heads, contractors and MMA. 


  1. Climate Resiliency: Midcoast Council of Governments (MCOG): Cathy reported that Community block grants for $50,000 for energy/community are available to towns with an action plan. Needs to be community involvement. MCOG will help with plan. No charge for this help with membership. MCOG is holding a meeting Wednesday night in Searsmont 5:30 at the Community Center.  Comprehensive plan is also a favorable for grant consideration. Many grants require this. A new transportation fuel price for collaborative pricing may be considered at or after the Searsmont meeting. RSU3 should know about this meeting and MCOG work/mission. Cathy to reach out to school board about MCOG.  Hannah get with Revision Energy again to see what they have for a quote for more panels on the sand shed.


  1.  SB Packet:


  • Hannah to contact land owners with matured liens.SB to meet with Terry (Treasurer) regarding old taxes due. Hannah to get with Terry about attending next SB meeting.

  • Hannah to ask MMA about ordinances in other towns that address solid waste and “junk yards” on private property.

  • SB still waiting to hear back from a computer consultant regrading town office network and upgrades.

  • Hannah to schedule meetings to interview applicants for the Administrative Assistant position.

  • SB agreed to hire Jack Hills to trim the smaller cemeteries this year, unanimous. Hannah to inform Jack.

  • SB signed Auditor’s Management Representation Letter.

  • Sharon reported that she moved the chemical cabinet that is in the garage.

  • Doug reported that he will be absent for the SB meeting on April 24th.


  1. Treasurer’s Warrant: PR Warrant# 15 for $2,457.70 signed.


  1. Adjourn: 8:00PM


Respectfully submitted by Hannah Hatfield

Montville Select Board Meeting Monday, April 3, 2023


Present: Cathy Roberts (1st Selectperson); Sharon Hibbard (2nd Selectperson); Doug Thomas (3rd Selectperson); Hannah Hatfield (Administrative Assistant); Karen York (Deputy EMD); John York (Fire Chief/EMD); Henry Spaulding Jr. and Henry Spaulding Sr. (Plow Contractors Rt 220); Diana Chapin (resident); Terry Fischer (Tax Collector/Treasurer); Jodie Martin (Town Clerk); Jon Thornhill (Plow Contractor North Montville); Amy Bliss (resident); 


  1. Call Meeting to Order: 5PM


  1. Acceptance of Agenda and Minutes from March 20th: Approved. March 27 minutes tabled for completion.


  1. Executive Session As per 1 M.R.S.A § 405(6)(A), pertaining to contractual discussions: Entered at 5:15. Out of session 5:40PM


  1. Executive Session As per 1 M.R.S.A § 405(6)(A), pertaining to topics of personnel: Entered at 5:45PM. Out of session at 7:20PM.


  1. Public Comment:


  • Jon Thornhill submitted more quotes for damage to his truck. Hannah to submit quotes to MMA Risk Management.

  • Henry Spaulding Sr. and Henry Spaulding Jr. spoke about dangerous conditions regarding plowing Rt 220 for the Town.  Both Spaulding’s asked for a price increase in their contract because of these conditions. They also both noted that the work environment this year was extremely difficult, which made for challenging working conditions.  


  1. Roads/FEMA Follow-up: Tabled


  1. RSU3 Budget Follow-up: Tabled


  1. John York report: Tabled


  1. SB Packet:


  • SB Jodie and Hannah spoke generally about how to cover all administrative assistant tasks. Grant management and HR are areas of need.

  • Hannah to send SB copy of credit card policy to work on fuel card inclusion.

  • Hannah to copy Lawn and Order’s bid for language in the mowing contract.

  • Sharon and Doug singed a letter of support for Friends of Haystack Mountain’s acquisition of Haystack. As per a straw poll vote of support at Town Meeting. Cathy abstained.


  1. Executive Session As per 1 M.R.S.A § 405(6)(A), pertaining to topics of personnel:  Tabled for time 

  2. Treasurer’s Warrant: Preview #14 AP: $116,807.04; Warrant #14 PR: $6,428.01; Warrant #13 AP: $23,206.05. Signed


  1. Adjourn: 8:30pm



Respectfully submitted by Hannah Hatfield

Select Board Meeting Minutes 

Select Board Minutes

The Town Of Montville was Established in 1807

Select Board 

1st Select Person: Cathy Roberts

2nd Select Person: Sharon Hibbard

3rd Select Person: Doug Thomas

The Select Board can be reached at 342-5543

Administrative Assistant: 

Hannah Hatfield


Monday in Office Hours: 1:00 pm - 9:00pm 

Wednesday in Office Hours: 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Friday in Office Hours: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

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