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Select Board 

Select Board will be meeting on Monday, November 27th at 5 pm at the Town Office.

Here is a letter from the Select Board Office, which is on the reverse side of the 2023 Tax Bills:

Property Tax Stabilization Program | Maine Revenue Services

Continual ZOOM Link to Select Board Meetings:

*** If you are going to be zooming in to a meeting, please call Hannah (the Select Board's Administrative Assistant) so she can turn the ZOOM option on. 207-342-5543 ***

Last Approved Minutes:

Montville Select Board Meeting

Monday – October 10, 2023


Attending:  Sharon Hibbard (Second Selectperson), Doug Thomas (First Selectperson)


  1. Call Meeting to Order: 5:04pm


  1. Acceptance of Agenda and Minutes from October 2nd:


  1. Open to the Public:  None


  1. RSU3: School Board Rep letter of resignation, accepted.  Would like to meet to discuss.  Agreed to re-post looking for volunteer.


  1. Assessing: Abatements signed.


  1. Clerk: No history found regarding county commissioner request for data that was solicited and due on October 6.  It has been submitted by Assessor on October 9,


  1. Treasurer/Tax Collector: SB request Terry to document Traction invoice, credits and purchases. Eagle Rental letter discussed.  Interstate bill discussed, needs follow up.  Town new hire/ employee records packet in works.


  1. Roads:  Penny Rd delayed due to illness. Fall grading has begun. Discussion on Twitchell Hill work.  Questioned hay on Haystack and Peaveytown.  Doug discussed with Ford F350 plow suitability with Ford dealer.  Adi Philson of MCOG working with MDOT regarding 220.  BLS requires records for 30 years in injuries.


  1. MVFR: Doug reported cement floor repair started.


  1. Transfer Station: Decided to meet with Brad and Jesse to discuss improvements needed on October 16 at 6:15pm


  1. SB: Shredding decided to wait till next year due to timeframe.


  1. Treasurer’s Warrant: Warrant #41 (AP) $110,923.58 Warrant #41 (PR) $4,879.43. Signed.


  1. 11th Hour: BC Wednesday meeting canceled, next meeting Friday 2:30pm.  Informed Jodie to announce.


  1. Adjourn: at start of Planning Board meeting 7pm

Montville Select Board Meeting Monday ~ October 2, 2023


Attending: Cathy Roberts (First Selectperson); Sharon Hibbard (Second Selectperson), Doug Thomas (Third Selectperson), Hannah Hatfield (Administrative Assistant to SB); Terry Fischer (Treasurer/ Tax Collector); Bonnie Hrichak (Budget Committee), Steve Lucas (resident), Karen York (Deputy EMD): Greg Carver (resident), Jon Thornhill (plow contractor), Amy Bliss (resident); Charles Fletcher (Planning Board member), Jack Hills (cemetery maintenance), Richard Peavey (Road Commissioner).


  1. Call Meeting to Order: 5:01PM

  2. Acceptance if Agenda and Minutes from September 18th, 19th, and 27th: Approved 

  1. Open to the Public:

    • Steve asked why the town paid for employees to transport a replacement loader tire. SB answered that the cost to have the tire company come to do it was more expensive. Steve asked why calcium was put in tires. SB to find out. Steve asked why a bulldozer was spreading gravel on Peaveytown Rd instead of town grader. SB answered that the dozer was the optimal piece of equipment for that span of road, as per Road Commissioner. SB is in support of Richard's (Road Commissioner) decisions at this time. SB noted Steve’s concerns.

    • Jon asked who authorized a CDL License training for a town employee and what account is it coming from. SB answered that they did and that it is coming from the Training budget line. Jon asked about the roads budget, roads priorities, culvert vendors, and paving contractor selection, and if the town gravel use is being kept track of. SB said the Road Commissioner recommendations are being considered first and that the gravel is being kept track of. SB said the direction has been to fix roads as the equipment is there. Jon asked if the list of road issues he submitted in the spring would be addressed. SB said that some but not all the issues will be addressed before winter. Jon said that due to the conditions of the roads at the beginning of winter, he may not be able to plow to the standards that should be held. He suggested that the grader could to be used to wing back the snow if trees are in the way of plowing. Jon presented a copy of a bill and a time sheet that he wanted the SB to look into further. SB noted. Jon asked if paving company would work on shoulders of Morrill Rd. SB noted that the shoulders on Morrill Rd were deemed unnecessary to address at this time.

    • Amy asked what will be done for winter roads. SB answered that grading and brushing are priorities. Amy said she believes that Peaveytown Rd is getting inequitable attention where other roads are not getting attention. SB reiterated that the policy for that last 3 years has been to instruct the Road Commissioner to fix roads as best as can be while the equipment is on the road. Amy believes SB should manage roads more efficiently.

    • Greg asked who is managing the roads. SB answered that the Road Commissioner, under the authority of the SB, manages the road work.

    • SB recommends that those with concerns and suggestions, put them in writing to the SB.

    • Charles was informed that Adi (from Midcoast Council of Governments – MCOG) will come to PB meeting on Wednesday to discuss Comprehensive planning. Charles asked what Adi has to do with the budget. SB explained that MCOG can support some fiscal matters and the Budget Committee will be discussing all departments and considering possible grants for all areas.

    • Charles asked how the town can talk to the people who don’t fill out surveys or come to town meeting. SB is considering having an informal meeting at Town House for “future of Montville” discussions. SB is considering a public event to address citizen engagement and to share civic information. Tentatively planned for October 23rd.

    • Karen asked when SB will be meeting about a Cost Recovery Ordinance. SB plans to do this on October 30. Cathy to look at prior meeting minutes on the topic to share.

  1. Clerk:

    • Jodie reported that this Saturday office will be closed, and will be open next week instead. There will be a referendum election November 7.

    • And the Budget Committee is meeting October 4th 5:30.


  1. Treasurer/Tax Collector:

    •  Terry provided SB with a current public works budget.

    • Hannah informed SB that FEMA obligations may be delayed. SB to meet with Patty or Hannah to review mitigation requests. SB instructed Hannah and Patty meet with Richard (Road Commissioner) and CJ Rideout (road contractor) to get the list of mitigation projects set, to then meet with MEMA and mitigation specialists.

    • Terry presented a billing statement for Traction Equipment that needs to have signed receipts.

    • Cathy make motion to close the account created to use for a possible tax anticipation note, that is not needed for cash flow at this time. Motion passes. Unanimous. 

    • Terry noted that the office internet is sporadic and that staff needed to unplug the internet 5 times today. SB recommended calling Consolidated. Terry reported that this is a chronic issue that Consolidated will not address. Bonnie said she called the FCC and made a complaint. FCC does process complaints with the need to require companies to respond. Doug to take care of FCC complaint.


  1. Roads:

    • SB is in consideration of approval to send letter pursuant to paragraph 10 of Winter Road Maintenance Contract. SB signed letter to be sent to Jonathan Thornhill, return receipt.

    • SB recommends that Garret’s invoices and time sheets indicate dates of work.

    • SB suggests anyone with concerns about Road issues to schedule a meeting with Road Commissioner and/or submit concerns and suggestions in writing.

    • At SB request Richard inspected all roads to “Ensure that every town road be passable and safe at a reasonable speed for winter maintenance” and to create of list of roads in need. Twitchell Hill, Howard Rd and Mehuren Rd were reported to need the most necessary work at this time. All roads need to be graded. Some gravel is needed as well.

    • Richard to find out the price of contracting for mulching and/or cutting brush.

    • Doug reported that the state is planning on putting extra culverts in Rt 220 by Frye Mountain in 2026.

    • Cathy made a motion to allow Richard to spend up to 15% more than budget for summer rds. As per Title 23 MSRA § 2705. Agreed Unanimously.

    • It was reported that an area of Rt 220 (by John Billings') is about to flood. Doug to call DOT about it.


  1. MVFR: Karen reported that the emergency protective measures for the May FEMA storm did not have enough expenses to qualify for reimbursement. Road cones and barrels can be recouped through public works reimbursement requests. Hannah to let Patty know. Richard to estimate cones and barriers to report for May storm.


  1. Transfer Station: Matthew and Brad have a class on Wednesday and will come to office for DEP training.


  1. SB:

    • SB to meet on Tuesday 5-7 before Planning Board meeting, instead of Monday – which is Indigenous Peoples Day.

    • MCOG to postpone until next Budget Committee meeting.


  1. Treasurer’s Warrant: Warrant 39 (AP) $294,009.47; Warrant Preview #40 (AP) $145,988.72; Warrant #40(PR) $7,313.29. Signed


  1. 11th Hour: Doug reported that the State (Forest Service) is interested in pursuing the fire pond at Frye Mtn. SB to wait for more details.


  1. Adjourn: 9:10pm



Respectfully submitted by Hannah Hatfield

Montville Select Board Meeting Wednesday ~ September 27, 2023


Attending: Cathy Roberts (First Selectperson); Sharon Hibbard (Second Selectperson), Doug Thomas (Third Selectperson), Hannah Hatfield (Administrative Assistant to SB); Terry Fischer (Treasurer/ Tax Collector); Nadine Cancel (Budget Committee Chair), Bonnie Hrichak (Budget Committee), Herman Peaslee (Budget Committee); Steve Lucas (resident).



  1. Call Meeting to Order: Joint meeting of Budget Committee and Select Board began at 5:30 PM.


  1. Meet with Budget Committee: BC to meet again tentatively Oct 4th, 11th, 13th, and 18th at 5:30 at Town Office. BC plans to meet first with the Treasurer to confer about reports and accounts –  as a “housekeeping” meeting.  Then in subsequent meetings to meet with representatives of the Transfer Station and Admin; Fire Department/Emergency Management; and then Public Works Department, respectively. BC would like to have another round of meetings in November with focus on the same series of departments. Nadine to verify dates, times and topics. Department heads to be contacted regarding meeting dates and times.   


  1. SB meeting called to order: 7:00PM


  1. Acceptance of Agenda and Minutes from September 18th and 19th: tabled.


  1. Roads:


  • Sharon called Roy Greely about mowing sides of road. No response. Doug suggested waiting to see how much the Eagle Rental bill and Penney Rd culvert installation will impact the budget, before spending more time locating an available mower. Eric Dayan inquired about cutting brush on Twitchell Hill Rd. Doug to contact Eric for a quote.  

  • SB discussed Traction Heavy Duty Parts credit from last year. SB to research Traction invoices and statements for 3 years back.

  • Steve Lucas asked why Public Works is using a bulldozer to spread gravel when the town has its own grader. SB to look into it.



  1. General Assistance Ordinance Hearing: Hearing called to order 7:03. This is an ordinance that needs to be approved each year if General Assistance is to be administered by the town and reimbursed by the state. The annual approval of the ordinance effectively approves the state maximums for reimbursement. SB Approved General Assistance Ordinance, unanimously.


  1. Transfer Station:


  • Brad requested that a switch be installed in the box truck to shut off the battery. SB to look for options of places to install this.

  • Doug, Matt, and Sharon signed up for DEP transfer station training.


  1. 11th Hour:

    •  Herman suggested that the State needs to be more supportive of towns because of the increased mandates and regulations that put more strain on municipalities. He suggested contacting our State Senator and Representative to speak up for us. SB supports the idea of hosting a “Town Hall” style meeting for Rep Ziegler and Sen Curry to answer questions from the public, and to hear about concerns and ideas for state action. SB would consider inviting residents of other towns to participate as well.

    • Info Tech has submitted a proposal to get fiber to the town office for better internet service. SB wants to know how much it would cost to connect to fiber, and if we would need new phones and other equipment. Sharon to work with Terry and Daniel (from Info Tech) on this.

    • Adi (from Midcoast Council of Governments) is scheduled to come on October 2nd, at 5pm. SB to invite department heads. Doug to invite John, and Sharon to text Richard and Brad.


  1. Treasurer’s Warrant: Warrant 38 (AP) $7,243.56; Warrant Preview #39 (AP) $294,009.47; Warrant #39(PR) $7,751.81. Signed


  1. Adjourn: 8:50PM


Respectfully submitted by Hannah Hatfield

Montville Select Board Meeting  ~ September 19, 2023


Attending: Cathy Roberts (First Selectperson); Sharon Hibbard (Second Selectperson), Doug Thomas (Third Selectperson), Richard Peavey



  1. Call Meeting to Order: 8:00AM

  2. Executive Session as per 1 M.S.R.A. §405(6)(A). Regarding personnel discussion: 8:00PM

  3. CDL class: SB voted unanimously to pay for PW employee CDL Class B training. The employee’s 105 hours to take the training and mileage will not be reimbursed. Other Town employees currently receive specific training The Board feels it is an employee investment in building a public works department and has proven worthwhile.

  4. FEMA: FEMA projects from the October 2021 and December 2022 storm events are nearly completed and will be submitted to FEMA by early October.  FEMA will review and notify the SB of funds to be “obligated” for emergency reimbursement.  Once funds are “obligated” the SB has the authorization to use funds for PW operations.

  5. PW budget:  As authorized by Title 23 MSRA § 2705, SB voted unanimously to appropriate an additional 15% of the total summer maintenance 2022 budget to use for PW operations.  The intended “obligated” FEMA funds will be used in conjunction with this appropriation.

  6. Penney Road:  The approved custom culvert to repair Penney Road is to be delivered within the week.  The Penney Road repair will be scheduled in early October.

  7. Other possible projects depending on budget allowances: Haying ditches on Peaveytown and Haystack, additional gravel on Haystack, repair to culvert on Morse Road, repairs on Howard Road, selective tree cutting and trimming, and grading.


  1. Adjourn: 9:30AM


Respectfully submitted by Cathy Roberts

Montville Select Board Meeting Monday ~ September 18, 2023


Attending: Cathy Roberts (First Selectperson); Sharon Hibbard (Second Selectperson), Doug Thomas (Third Selectperson), Hannah Hatfield (Administrative Assistant to SB); Jeremy Holt (Sand Contractor); Karen York (Deputy EMD); Jesse McIntire (building maintenance contractor); Brad Peters (Transfer Station Manager).



  1. Call Meeting to Order: 5:05PM


  1. Acceptance of Agenda and Minutes from September 11:  Approved


  1. Public Comment: In reference to last week's minutes, Karen reported that MVFR does have a contractor for repairing the Firehouse floor.   Jeremy reported that he did not receive a real estate tax card in the mail. SB instructed Jeremy to connect with Terry or Amy Dunn, to get a copy of tax card.


  1. Treas/Tax Collector: No Report Invoices need to be turned into Treasurer.


  1. Clerk:

    • In order to fill out Animal Control information for the state, Jodie confirmed emergency contact info. Doug and the Deputy Animal Control Officer will be listed as the emergency contacts if the primary ACO is unavailable.

    • Poster has been posted on line and on bulletin board, soliciting Climate Resiliency Committee members.


  1. Roads:

    • Cathy reported that Richard Peavey could not be at this meeting.

    • SB to have a road workshop Tuesday September 19th at 8AM at the garage.

    • FEMA updates: SB still looking for total reimbursable dollar amount for all the projects associated with the December 2022 storm (DR4696). SB encourages Patty to submit worksheets and EEI (FEMA grants portal project questionnaire) as soon as possible. SB would like to know what the next steps are for seeking mitigation funding. Hannah/Patty to ask FEMA/MEMA about mitigation process. Cathy to contact auditor about the flow of budget in case the FEMA funds are not obligated during this fiscal year. Hannah reported that Admin budget is getting tight. Patty's wages can be 100% reimbursed by FEMA.

    • Cathy to work with Midcoast Council of Governments toward any County Hazard Mitigation Grant (HMG) preparation and with Heather Dumais on the prospect of  a Building Resiliency Infrastructure in Communities grant for municipal HMG.

    • Contractor Insurance and Independent Contractor Status Verification certificates have not all been updated: This record gathering is in process.

    • Richard following up on the Eagle Rental invoice that needs to be adjusted, because of an overcharge.

    • Jeremy is getting sand into shed (in between the rains!).

    • There are public works bills/statements without invoices that need more detail before payment can be made. Terry to provide Richard a list of the invoices needed. Richard to provide those invoices to Terry for payment.

    • Jesse reported that the salt shed needs attention to protect the structure. He submitted a drawing and quote for the work.

    • SB signed a revised Winter roads contract for Family Traditions Logging to adjust the amount of snow on Rt 220 that can accumulate before plowing is required. Contract changed from ½ inch to between1 and 2 inches to match other snowplow contracts. SB has authorization to adjust this amount.



  1. MVFR: 

    • Karen reported that during the day of the storm (Saturday, September 16) there was a steady stream of work for the MVFR - checking trees and providing safety near downed electrical wires - all day long. She reported that there are probably trees in right of way that will need to be moved.

    • Karen verified that a check sent to the Town Office from Robbins Lumber made out to the Montville Fire Department c/o the Town of Montville, was an expected donation from Robbins Lumber to Montville Volunteer Fire & Rescue Inc. (MVFR) SB gave Karen, as Treasurer of the MVFR, the check.




  1. Transfer Station:

    • SB met with Brad and Jesse to discuss constructing a roof/ramp for recycling area. SB and Brad and Jesse to continue developing plans.

    • SB and Brad identified needs for transfer station shed as follows: door and insulation into “office space”; partition wall; interior door; electrical service.


  1. SB:

    • Annual General Assistance Ordinance needs to be considered by SB. SB to hold a public hearing during next week's SB meeting. Jodie/Hannah to post this. SB discussed the possibility of a Town Meeting article to establish a fund for addressing issues brought on by poverty that may not qualify for General Assistance as per the state of Maine.

    • Jesse may be available to work on the Town House sealing window sills, and the Town Office replacing rot, this fall. Will work with Doug to get details.

    • SB discussed creation of a cost recovery ordinance. SB encourages John York Fire Chief) to begin preparing for an ordinance. Aiming to meet about this on 23 of October, SB and John to bring examples of ordinances and other details. Cathy to follow up with John, Sharon to find last year’s ordinance list.

    • Budget Committee to meet with SB Sept 27th .



  1. Treasurer’s Warrant: Warrant #37 (AP) $171,959.12; Warrant Preview #38 (AP) $7,243.56; Warrant #38 (PR) $4,753.08. Signed


  1. Executive Session as per 1 M.S.R.A. §405(6)(A). Regarding personnel discussion: 8:00PM – 8:44PM.


  1. Adjourn: 8:50PM


Respectfully submitted by Hannah Hatfield

Montville Select Board Meeting Monday ~ September 11, 2023


Attending: Sharon Hibbard (Second Selectperson), Doug Thomas (Third Selectperson), Hannah Hatfield (Administrative Assistant to SB); Bonnie Hrichak (Budget Committee); Jodie Mehuren (Town Clerk); Jeremy Hold (Sand Contractor); Steve Lucas (resident).

Absent: Cathy Roberts (First Selectperson)


  1. Call Meeting to Order: 5:15PM


  1. Acceptance of Agenda and Minutes from August 21 and August 28 and Sep 5: Approved


  1. Public Comment:

  • Steve commented that he believes that Willett did not put tack on old pavement to stick to the new pavement when the paving was done on Morrill Rd. He also thought that work on Peaveytown Rd has been inefficient. Doug queried the number of efficient amounts of trucks hauling gravel. Steve asked if the town has a contract with any employees regarding Class A Drivers License trainings. SB does not have a contract with anyone for this kind of training and has not, at this time, paid for any trainings needed for such licenses. Steve asked if the Penney Rd culvert was going to be replaced soon. SB reported that the culvert is expected to be delivered later this week.

  • SB reported to Jeremy that the quality of his winter sand passed inspection. Jeremy to get with Richard about scheduling sand deliveries. Jeremy asked if the town was using the old Box truck. SB reported that there is no definitive plan at this time. MVFR has expressed interest in it in the past.

  • Bonnie reported that the Budget Committee met with a focus primarily on the budget process moving forward, though the discussion did veer off the topic from town budgeting concerns. BC plans to meet with the SB in subsequent meetings. Schedule to be determined.


  1. Treas/Tax Collector: No Report



  1. Clerk:

    • Jodie wanted confirmation that Transfer station hours are currently: Sat 9-3. SB confirmed.

    • Jodie reported that Midcoast Council Of Governments is looking for Committee Members for Community Resiliency Committee. Ad has been sent out.

    •  Jodie reported that Morrill hires FC Works to do roadside mowing. Sharon to call Roy Greely (Montville’s prior road mowing contractor) for availability.

    • Jodie reported that website cookies were of concern to a resident. Sharon to check with MMA about a town's responsibility to identify these. Sharon can help see if we can install a pop-up alert for this on our website.



  1. Roads:

    • SB wants Road Commissioner to attend Monday meetings for the time being to discuss priorities.

    • FEMA updates: DR 4696 (December 2022)  - one project worksheet and EEI were submitted to FEMA; DR 4647 (October 2021) Center Rd shoulders and Peaveytown gravel spreading are the only things left to be done for that storm; DR 4719 (May 2023) Recovery Scoping Meeting will be scheduled soon.

    • Contractor Insurance and Independent Contractor status papers – still missing some current copies for our records. Terry to follow up on these  - keep on agenda.

    • SB discussed diesel fuel bill. SB to call MMA about whether the town can use pink dyed fuel or if it must use clear diesel.

    • Montville now has magnets for Town Vehicles.

    • SB is waiting for an updated bill from Eagle Rental, for the ledge hammer rental.

    • Doug and Sharon to take a MDOT roads class on October 25.



  1. MVFR:

    • Sharon asked about the current plans for the concrete floor repair. Doug reported that MVFR is still searching for a contractor.

    • Karen emailed a grant application to MMA Risk Management for a decontamination shower system.



  1. Transfer Station:

    • Brad to come in next week. Will be asked for a review on how the Wednesday hours went and if it makes sense to have fewer hours on Saturday in the future.

    • SB to keep supporting Transfer Station staff in making a good flow for getting recyclables into truck.

    • SB discussed ideas for covering compactor, and area for recyclables.


  1. SB Packet:

    • Sharon to call fuel suppliers for current heating fuel prices.

    • Dan, from Infotech to install Administrative Assistant’s new computer, and work on network updates on Tuesday, September 19th.


  1. Treasurer’s Warrant: Warrant #36 - 15,037.46; Warrant #37 Preview: $171,959.12; Warrant #37 Payroll: $4,494.84 - signed


  1. Adjourn: 8:00PM


Respectfully submitted by Hannah Hatfield

Montville Select Board Meeting Tuesday ~ September 5, 2023


Attending: Cathy Roberts (First Selectperson), Sharon Hibbard (Second Selectperson), Doug Thomas (Third Selectperson), Hannah Hatfield (Administrative Assistant to SB); Amy Bliss (resident), Jon Thornhill (Plow Contractor); Patty Crawford (FEMA Administrator); Bonnie Hrichak (Budget Committee); John Chapin (resident); Terry Fischer (Treasurer/Tax Col); Richard Peavey (Road Commissioner); Bill Gillespie (Broad Band Committee Rep); Joe Meadows (Liberty Broadband Committee Rep).




  1. Minutes from August 21 and 28: Tabled.


  1. Bill Gillespie reported that the Broad Band Committee is looking for a letter of support re Broad Band. Joe: Requests for a letter in support of partnering with Direct Communications (used to be Unitel). This partnership will not cost member towns any money and could support a Maine Connectivity Authority grant. Letters need to be submitted by 9/11/23. If the grant is approved, Direct Communications to lay fiber throughout the member towns with the grant proceeds. There would be no cost to residents for fiber optic hook-up while the fiber is being laid, as long as the property is connected to the grid (off grid lots would need to pay a hook up fee). Internet speeds will be WAY higher with fiber, with reasonable monthly subscription fee. SB to write letter of support and encourages residents to write letters of support as well.


  1. Roads:




  • December storm. 3 projects can be submitted for the December storm at this time. This roughly amounts to $47,000 worth of completed projects that can be applied for right away. SB considering this amount in anticipation of the funds being obligated by FEMA, in order to prioritize next steps for road work.

  • Patty reported on FEMA DR4647 (October 2021 Storm): CJ and Richard have been updated on what still needs to be done to complete the damage repair.

  • DR 4696 (December 2022 Storm): Patty and Hannah continuing to enter info on Grants portal esp. those of the completed projects. Meet with FEMA and MEMA on Wednesday and Jeff on Thursday. Doug Patty and Hannah to be there CJ and Richard as well.



Mowing has been requested by resident. SB discussed the difficulty in finding a mower at this time. Doug to ask Moe Martin.


  1. SB received word from Heather Dumais, regarding Hazard Mitigation Plan Grant (HMPG): Montville’s application was not approved. MCOG will be supporting a county wide HMPG instead. SB in support of participating in a Waldo County HMP. Montville can also apply for another mitigation grant for just Montville that could dovetail with the HMPG work of the county. Cathy to let Heather know we intend to apply for the Montville grant and also ask Heather what the issues were in the last grant, that rendered it to be denied.



  1. Bonnie reported that the Budget Committee will be meeting Wednesday 5:45 at Town Office.


  1. Treasurer’s Warrant: Warrant #35: $9,508.39; Warrant #36 Preview: $15,037.46; Warrant #36 Payroll: $7,601.99 signed


  1. Adjourn: 7:45


Respectfully submitted by Hannah Hatfield


Select Board Meeting Minutes 

Select Board Minutes

The Town Of Montville was Established in 1807

Select Board 

1st Select Person: Cathy Roberts

2nd Select Person: Sharon Hibbard

3rd Select Person: Doug Thomas

The Select Board can be reached at 342-5543

Administrative Assistant: 

Hannah Hatfield


Monday in Office Hours: 1:00 pm - 9:00pm 

Wednesday in Office Hours: 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Friday in Office Hours: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

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