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Select Board 


The Select Board will be meeting on Monday, December 5th at the Town Office, starting at 5 pm.

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*** If you are going to be zooming in to a meeting, please call Hannah (the Select Board's Administrative Assistant) so she can turn the ZOOM option on. 207-342-5543 ***

Last Approved Minutes:

Montville Select Board Meeting – Monday November 14th, 2022


Present; Sharon Hibbard (2nd Selectperson).; Doug Thomas (3rd Selectperson); Hannah Hatfield (Administrative Assistant); Richard Peavey (Road Commissioner); Jon Thornhill (Road Contractor); Karen York (MVFR); Bonnie Hrichak (Budget Committee member)

Not Present: Cathy Roberts (First Selectperson)


  1. Call Meeting to Order: 5:10PM

  2. Acceptance of Agenda and Minutes from Oct 31th and November 7th: Approved

  3. Roads: Goosepecker is on the list to get road work done, if weather holds and North Ridge also needs some work. Doug informed Richard that near 557 North Ridge Rd on the east side of the road, there are 3 trees leaning into the road. Richard reported that re-paving Morrill Rd is not an option for this year. Peaveytown Rd needs work, Richard said he can skim it and then put gravel on. SB present decided Goosepecker is priority for this year. Peaveytown bridge and Bean Rd Culvert need to be considered for next year. Richard to research this sizes and strengths and costs of workable culverts for Bean Rd. Doug reported that DOT does not have engineering specks on Rt 220. DOT says Rt 220 is “not to modern standards” State says it will not ever fix it. Doug to find out traffic volumes for Rt 220 and for comparable state roads that have been fixed by DOT. Sharon to access accident reports from Montville's portion of Rt 220. SB believes that getting more people informed about usage and condition of Rt 220 could help encourage the state to work on the road. SB seeks to gather driver impact, big truck impact, potential MVF&R truck damage...etc. to help inform the state of the condition of the road. Richard suggested having a fire pond at Half moon pit for more gravel and research DEP's regulations on fire ponds in pits. Hannah to ask DOT about replacing broken signs at the dangerous curve near 824 South Mtn Valley Highway (Rt 220).SB present asked Jon to move the stop sign at Whites Corner to be on the extension road from south on Rt 220 entering onto Halldale.SB present decided to have the brush cut at the curve near 164 Kingdom Rd. Doug to arrange for brushing.

  4. MVFR/EMD: Karen got another letter from Efficiency Maine grants and rebates, including free consultations. Hannah to arrange a consultation, if possible.

  5. Transfer Station: SB to review MRC Ballot letters and nominations, due December 12.An application for Transfer Station attendant was submitted. SB present reviewed the application, Hannah to send it to Cathy. Matthew York was hired for the position. John and Doug to look at box truck for sale in NH, tomorrow. UARRC was closed this week due to illness. Facebook will notify when open again.

  6. SB: Amy Dunn (assessing agent) asked if the SB would purchase Excel/Word: SB tabled topic while we are looking for computer support. Solar Forum review. Tabled for Cathy. Letter to Post Master, wait for week, SB to review. CEO permits and ITB fees: SB seeks to standardize process for permits. Hannah to find out what the time line is for state to get permits. Hannah to invite Cindy (CEO/LPI) and Peter (Planning Board Chair) to the next meeting, November 21st. Sharon asking for status of current LPI and CEO permits and requests before meeting. Hannah to get SB more info on concerns and needs. SB signed appointment papers for Bonnie Hrichak as Budget Committee member. Town House report: Water has been turned off. Doug went under building to assess structure. Will put in more supports, including under the vault. He reported that it looks really solid. Town House doors: Hannah ask Spears in Rockland, and Viking for more door quotes. SB present agreed that fiberglass is OK. Doug suggested that there be discussion at town meeting for using Town House for more community events. Hannah to ask Efficiency Maine about Town House consultation as well. SB policies to consider: procurement, payment policies, HR. Hannah make sure we have exact list for what FEMA needs for policies. Doug reported that the fire pond letter was mailed to the Governor 4 weeks ago. Rep. Paige Zeigler was asked to let Doug know when the Governor responds. SB considering using Trello (an organizational app) for SB action items. Sharon set up a Trello board and instructions. On agenda next week. Hannah to get with Jodie and Terry about ordering ergonomic equipment.

  7. Assessing: Amy Dunn asked for a new cabinet for map and lot folders. Hannah check with state surplus Doug may be able to pick something up during the week.

  8. Treasurer’s Warrants: Warrant #45 (AP): $36,641.12; Warrant Preview #46 (AP): $11,522.52; Warrant #44 (PR): $6,497.97 Signed.

  9. Adjourn: 8:15PM



Respectfully submitted by Hannah Hatfield

Montville Select Board Meeting – Monday November 7, 2022


Present: Cathy Roberts (1st Selectperson); Sharon Hibbard (2nd Selectperson); Doug Thomas (3rd Selectperson); Hannah Hatfield (Administrative Assistant); Terry Fischer (Treasurer/Tax Collector); Jodie Martin (Town Clerk); Herman Peaslee (Budget Committee Member); Bonnie Hrichak (Resident); Richard Peavey (Road Commissioner); Jon Thornhill (Road Contractor); Brad Peters (Transfer Station Manager).



  1. Call Meeting to Order: 5:07PM

  2. Acceptance of Agenda and Minutes from Oct 31th: No Action

  3. Administrative Budget Review: Terry and Jodie and Hannah presented ideas for FY 23 administrative budget. Notable proposed increases include software support services, a generator, and wages reflective of minimum wage increases.

  4. Roads: Bean Rd has a culvert issue that needs substantial work. It is in an area of significant water flow that may need cooperation with the state (because of its proximity to Frye Mt.) to rectify. A patch over the damaged culvert is planned as a temporary fix. DOT sent guidelines for indicating curves on roads. SB to consider placing signs on Kingdom Rd curve. SB already contacted WC Sherriff office re Kingdom Rd. Gravel pit owner is not to be contacted as this is a law enforcement issue (discussed but not approved). Winter road contract for 10.08 miles of Rt 220 for Henry Spaulding, and a revised contract for 16.1 miles of Center Montville for Justin Leeman were signed by SB. SB asked Richard and Jon to see if there is time to resurface Morrill Rd. this season. Hannah to follow up with auditor and MMA regarding equipment lease escrow account. FY 23 Road budget meeting is tentatively scheduled for December. SB to meet with plow contractors regarding fuel agreement, asking plow contractors to estimate gallons used during the plow season. Doug to write to the Post Master General, to ascertain USPS’s responsibility to deliver mail along municipally maintained roadways. Herman questioned the SB decision to lease a large dump truck, when a smaller, more versatile truck, had been discussed last year when planning for the equipment article on town warrant. SB noted the concern, and reported that the size of the truck purchased was conducive to hauling the trailer and roller that were approved in the same article. Herman suggested the SB lobby the state to give us our full LRAP funding and for the SB to do resident-per-road and traffic counts, in order to prioritize road work. DOT Rt 220 engineering report has been requested.

  5. Transfer Station: Brad reported that he has spoken with DM&J about delivering the most efficient (“bullet nosed”) containers for the compactor. Brad to inspect possible shed for storage of recyclables. Doug and John York to look at a box truck for sale. Sharon to research if the DEP Waste Diversion Grant would help pay for things purchased after grant was applied for, but before acceptance.

  6. SB: SB appointed Bonnie Hrichak to fill the vacant position on the Budget Committee; SB still entertaining quotes for computer/software service proposal. Hannah to research credit card vendors that do not require submission of social security numbers. Cathy to follow up with Frist National re credit cards. RSU3 is conducting a study regarding the cost of each of the outlying schools, and will present findings at a district wide School Board meeting when study is completed. Cathy to attend a Solar Siting Forum webinar on Wednesday. 

  7. Treasurer’s Warrants: Warrant #44 (AP): $12,930.04 signed; Warrant Preview #45 (AP): $36,641.12; Warrant #4 (PR): $4,983.60 Signed.

  8. Adjourn: 8:45PM



Respectfully submitted by Hannah Hatfield

Montville Select Board Meeting – Monday October 31, 2022


Present: Cathy Roberts (1st Selectperson); Sharon Hibbard (2nd Selectperson); Doug Thomas (3rd Selectperson); Hannah Hatfield (Administrative Assistant); John York (Fire Chief/EMD); Karen York (MVFR); Richard Peavey (Road Commissioner); Justin and Garrison Leeman (both Plow Contractors); Jon Thornhill (Road Contractor).



  1. Call Meeting to Order: 5:12PM

  2. Acceptance of Agenda and Minutes from Oct 24th: Approved

  3. Treasurer: Certified notes have been sent to property owners who have liens that will mature on November 28, 2022.

  4. Roads: Justin stated that he is ending his contract with the Town for plowing snow on Rt 220. He cited the condition of the state road as being the reason for breaking the contract. SB will consider options for contracting for plowing so late in the season. Hannah to prepare revised contract for Justin. Penalties for breaking the contract may apply depending on costs of the breach (as per the contract). SB asked Justin to write a letter to the Town, so SB can send to the DOT to advise as to how to alleviate the problems incurred because of the condition of Rt 220.

Justin also stated that he will no longer be available to mulch (trim) the sides of any roads in Montville.

Hannah to ask MMA about a citizen’s disruption of town contracted work.

Richard is still looking for a rock rake and a smaller truck to buy, both were approved at Town meeting and funds still are available.

Hannah to find out if Spring Hill Rd ends at the corner or if the town owns any of Stagecoach Rd.

Cold patching will be done later this week.

  1. MVFR/EMD: Karen submitted mileage report for some of September and all October for Fire Chief/ EMD/Deputy EMD.

The SB and MVFR attended a county wide table top hurricane drill. Taking pictures and keeping logs of damage and actions during disasters are critical to making funding requests. Suggests contacting local laborers that may be needed in a weather event (like chain sawing and clearing), to have a list of possible contractors and base prices. The distribution of radios to town officials during serious weather events was also recommended.

  1. Transfer Station: Hannah Hatfield is willing to sell a one-year-old 10’ x 20’storage container to the Town for $2,000.00, as a possible unit for collecting recyclables and as a transfer station office. Brad to take a look at the storage unit. SB and Brad still looking for a box truck. Brad to come to next SB meeting to report on DM&J discussions re container styles.

  2. Clerk: Jodie got a request to use the meeting room. Hannah to get her the use form to fill out.

County Commissioners draft budget was delivered to the office. SB to look it over.

  1. SB: Doug to turn off water to the Town House after the election day: November 8, 2022.

Montville still looking to appoint a new School Board member to serve the rest of the school year.

Hannah to attend a “Recovery Transition Meeting” with FEMA on Wednesday.

Hannah to make sure Cindy Abbott (CEO) has a copy of the most recent Site Plan Review Ordinance.

Next week SB will discuss the prospective budget for the administration. Jodie, Terry, and Hannah to weigh in.

  1. Assessing: SB will sign a quit claim for R978 when all payments are up to date.

  2. Executive Session as per 1 M.R.S.A. § 405(6)(D) to discuss plow contracts: 7:45PM-8PM

  3. SB made a motion to entertain a plow contract with Henry Spaulding for plowing Rt 220 at the rate of $5,500.00/mile. Unanimous. Hannah to draft contract.

  4.  Treasurer’s Warrants: Warrant #43 (AP): $89,364.55 signed; Warrant Preview #44 (AP): $12,930.04; Warrant #44 (PR): $1,867.40 Signed.

  5. Adjourn: 8:30PM



Respectfully submitted by Hannah Hatfield

Select Board Meeting Minutes 


The Town Of Montville was Established in 1807

Select Board 

1st Select Person: Cathy Roberts

2nd Select Person: Sharon Hibbard

3rd Select Person: Doug Thomas

The Select Board can be reached at 342-5543

Administrative Assistant: 

Hannah Hatfield


Monday in Office Hours: 1:00 pm - 9:00pm 

Wednesday in Office Hours: 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Friday in Office Hours: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

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