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Montville Town Meeting

For new and old residents, this page will help inform you when our annual Town Meeting is, where it will be, and what it will consist of! As always, if any questions, please call!

When & Where is Town Meeting?

Annual Town Meeting

WHERE: Montville Town Hall

WHEN: March 25, 10:00 AM

What is a Town Meeting?

The Maine Municipal Association has put together this wonderful pamphlet that answers a lot of frequently asked questions about Town Meetings and how they are run. Click HERE to read that now!

Montville 2023 Town Meeting

Here is the TOWN WARRANT for 2023. Hard copies of the full Town Book will soon be available at the Town Office and will be handed out at Town Meeting for those who want them.

Town Meeting Minutes - 2023

Town Meeting Minutes - 2022



Article Explanations/Ordinances

Coming Soon.

Community Letters

Every year we have several Representatives, Senators, and other Community Organizations who like to submit letters to their constituents to let us know what they have done for the past year.

Sheriff's Letter

Senator Susan Collins

Representative Zeigler

Senator Curry

MidCoast Conservancy

Representative Golden

Senator Angus King

UARRC Commodities

Governor Mills

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