Fire and Emergency  Responders 

Dial 9-1-1 first if there is an Emergency, we will be dispatched to your home or the site of the Emergency. If you have questions, please call John or Karen at 382-3077 or 692-7828/692-7818.


63 S. Mountain Valley Highway

Montville, ME  04941


Emergency Management Contacts


 Director John York          home 207-382-3077      cell 207-692-7828


Deputy Director Karen York     home 207-382-3077     cell 207-692-7818



February 24, 2022


To:  Residents of the town of Montville


Subject:  Road conditions


Dirt road conditions have changed dramatically in recent years.  The Town of Montville is doing its best to improve the usual winter/spring road condition issues.  There is no quick fix.  In the meantime, I suggest residents should plan for these tough conditions prior to the arrival of storms, power outages, and mud season.  This would include, but is not limited to:


  1. Watching the weather for extreme conditions.

  2. Order ahead of schedule for medicines, oxygen supplies, food, fuel etc. in case deliveries are delayed. Plan for 1 week of drinking water and other essential items for your situation.

  3. Try to plan your errands / appointments for early morning during mud season. Frozen roads easier to navigate.

  4. Conversely when bad storms occur, especially overnight, go out later after plowing and sanding improves roads.

  5. Fill your vehicles with fuel.

  6. Consider having a standby generator and extra fuel.

  7. Have a well-stocked pantry and a plan for preparing foods during power outages.

  8. Have extra blankets/sleeping bags handy and ready for use if needed for winter conditions.

  9. Keep your Emergency Management contact numbers (noted above) on hand and inform us of any individuals that have a handicap, are elderly, living alone, or that is medically vulnerable, all who may need extra check ins.  Contact your Emergency Management Director about any questions or special skills that you may have to help your neighbors and your Emergency Management Director.




Call us if there is a new or significantly worsening road condition that could inhibit emergency response or your ability to travel.  Thank you.




John York, Fire Chief /Emergency Mgmt. Director

Visit the Montville Maine Fire Department and Emergency Management Facebook group for up-to-date information regarding town emergencies and helpful information: Montville Maine Fire and Emergency Management Facebook group​

You can find updates regarding road closures, town events and news about our first responders. 

Fire Matic Officers Contacts:

Fire Chief - John York 382-3077 (H) 692-7828 (C)

Assistant Chief - Bill Spaulding 323-4817 (C)

Captain - Henry Spaulding Sr. 385-5920 (H)

Lieutenant - Colby Robbins 505-2623 (C)

Association Admin Officers:

President - Kathryn Campbell 382-3261 (H)

Vice President - Kailey Spaulding

Treasurer - Karen York

Secretary - Kailey Spaulding

Firehouse (unmanned) 589-4365

Meetings - Held Monthly:

PM Preventative Maintenance 1st Tuesday 7 pm

Business Meeting 2nd Tuesday 7 pm

Training 4th Tuesday 7 pm

The Montville Volunteer Fire Department was founded in 1949. 

A Message From Chief John York

Check on family and neighbors: If you know someone who is elderly, has a preexisting health condition, or simply lives alone, regularly check to make sure that they are doing alright. Ask for assistance if needed: Contact our Emergency Management Director, John York, at 382-3077 or 692-7828 if you, or someone you know, needs any help.

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Burn Permit Info

To obtain a burn permit online please click the link below. 

For obtaining a written burn permit or for any questions please contact one of the following fire wardens:

Fire Chief John York 382-3077 or 692-7828

Fire Warden Karen York 382-3077

Fire Warden Linwood Mitchell 342-5726