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Select Board 

Select Board will be meeting on Monday, April 22nd at 5 pm for their weekly meeting at the Town Office.

Here is a letter from the Select Board Office, which is on the reverse side of the 2023 Tax Bills:

Property Tax Stabilization Program | Maine Revenue Services

Continual ZOOM Link to Select Board Meetings:

*** If you are going to be zooming in to a meeting, please call Hannah (the Select Board's Administrative Assistant) so she can turn the ZOOM option on. 207-342-5543 ***

Last Approved Minutes:

Montville Select Board Meeting

Monday, February 19, 2024


Attendees:  Select Board: Cathy Roberts, Doug Thomas, Sharon Hibbard; Karen York (MVFR, EM, resident), Bonnie Hrichak (resident, BC) Kathryn Campbell (resident), Dan Massessa (resident), Dwayne Keller (resident), Glen Couturier (resident), Kelly Couturier (resident), Vernon LeCount (resident, WBC), John York (MVFR, EM, resident), Brad Peters (Transfer Station Manager, resident)



  • Call Meeting to Order: 5:07pm


  • Acceptance of Agenda Prior Meeting Minutes: 22nd, 29th, 5th


  • Public Comment for discussion not action:  None


  • Town Meeting Moderator: Glen Couturier discussion regarding moderator with public.  Determined education could potentially assist, SB to request adding moderator guide link to the town website.  Glen stated always starts meeting with briefing of Town Meeting procedure. Specifics of past circumstances discussed, with Glen noting that the job of the Town Meeting moderator is to ensure the will of people as a whole. How he approaches this and the opinions of those present were discussed at length.


  • Roads:

  • Mowing - Cathy to call Lawn and Order, check in with Richard on past specs

  • Reviewed estimate for building roof replacement, recontacted Keyes Roofing for clarification after questions.  Confirmation recieved.


  • MVFR: 

  • Brief discussion on budget, in particular wages and intent of wage amount requested. SB re-learned of Emergency Responder intentions and past grant award for training, which are delayed due to instructor issues.

  • Question on amount in MVFR Capital Reserve accounts, noting a  difference between January monthly report from the Year End (Pre-Audit) report, paper notice presented.  To be confirmed with Terry.


  • Transfer Station: 

  • Discussed budget with Brad, estimates for ramp, compactor roof, need to schedule compactor service. Brad to get battery for truck.


  • Treasurer: No update.


  • Clerk:  No update.


  • Committee Updates, if any:  WBC representative Vernon LeCount came with easement poster for Town Meeting, and stated has requested other reps from WBC to speak at Town Meeting.  SB needs to review easement paperwork, and determine date for speaking with Liberty SB who requested meeting.


  • Budget Updates, if any:  Meeting with department heads to finalize prior to meeting with Budget Committee. 


  • Town Meeting Updates, if any:  In progress. Warrant workshop on 3/6 at 5pm


  • SB:  Budget meeting planned, delayed Executive Session for personnel issue rescheduling discussed,



  • Treasurer’s Warrant: A/P Warrant 7 $6,824.11 from 2/14/23, Payroll Warrant 8 $, Warrant Preview 8 $89,766.93


  • 11th Hour: SB reporting that Animal Control Officer requested compensation for course work for certification.


  • Adjourn:

Montville Select Board Meeting

Monday, February 12, 2023


Attendees:  Select Board: Cathy Roberts, Doug Thomas, Sharon Hibbard; Richard Peavey (Road Commissioner), Bonnie Hrichak (resident)



  • Call Meeting to Order: 5:02pm


  • Acceptance of Agenda Prior Meeting Minutes 22nd, 29th, 5th


Public Comment for discussion not action:  None


  • Roads:


  • Tree Clearing, Doug questioned if should put out to bid the tree  area by power lines, etc to do during mud season?

  • Doug to ask Peter Kassen who is doing cutting on Hidden Valley Rd to cut his trees road side along his property if he wants.

  • Mowing - Lawn and Order now does roadside mowing and has stated to give him a budget proposal.

  • Rake will be used to dry out roads as needed

  • Cold patch on Center completed, checking Morse and Halldale

  • PW will be cutting brush, questions regarding renting lift. SB requests getting prices


  • MVFD:  Doug updated MCOG meeting with MVFR today (John, Karen, Doug, Adi)

  • Discussed AFG grant with March deadline for turnouts. Doing this as regional grants would be less competitive, possible to do with other towns so long as required documentation in place.  John collecting our data for this.

  • Congressional Spending request, MCOG looking at that as well, maybe turnouts or other things (reimbursable type grant) criteria for this is due out in April

  • Steven King grant (range $10,000-$20,000) - MCOG prefers to use that grant for what is not covered in other grants. Radios for PW and MVFR questioned as PW has agreed for radios, to be purchased now yet there are none available at this time.


  • Transfer Station:  SB to attend UARRC meeting on Thursday via zoom.


  • Treas: Discussion on residents’ tax bill concern with resident present, questions to go to Assessor.


  • Clerk:  No update.


  • Committee Updates, if any:  None.


  • Budget Updates, if any:  SB will meet on Thursday 2/15 at 5pm for budget workshop.


  • Town Meeting Updates, if any:  In progress. Warrant workshop on 3/6 at 5pm


  • SB: 

  • SB noted that a follow up the with the PW department 2/6 in regards to the bird incident and learned that the incident was a prank between two individuals that did not involve Jonathan Thornhill. SB contacted the Sherrif’s office to inform of findings, as SB was notified on 2/6 that Jonathan was advised to inform the Sheriff and had done so.  PW employees noted that dead birds have been found in salt shed previously. The SB sent an email to Jonathan Thornhill commenting on this incident, as well as reminding him of the protocol discussed at the SB meeting with snowplow contractors and RC on January 8th that the Board appointed CJ Rideout, a snowplow contractor for the Town, as Deputy Road Commissioner, to be the contact person for evening concerns. The SB explained that the late payment was due to extenuating circumstances.

  • MCOG prebuy numbers collected from Terry for Oil, Propane, Paper to provide for MCOG.

  • Northport generator update, none.  Cathy will confirm with Adi if generators could be purchased for town buildings with the Climate Resiliency grant.

  • Climate Resiliency: committee needs to make decisions on next steps based on Saturday 2/10 meeting at the Grange.  Also note, news to Cathy was that Town can apply for $50,000 grant 2x per year.  Could increase solar on sand shed, and savings per year would help pay it back. Building efficiency and assessment (furnace/heat pumps?). MCOG will post climate resiliency survey results on website.

  • Solar on sand shed, roof shingles there currently are in great shape, likely would not need to be replaced. 

  • MCOG would like to meet with SB regarding Climate Resiliency on 2/26 regarding comprehensive plan.

  • Schedule meeting with Glen Couterier for 2/19 starting at 5:30, will send out notice to residents who would like to either meet with Glen and the SB to discuss moderator practices at Town meeting or residents will also be invited to submit letters to the SB and Glen to review at this meeting.

  • Assessing agent transfer time line, Amber was in office with Amy today.  Some questions regarding lot sizes minimum

  • Broadband Hub/Representative updates Vernon LeCount appointed to WBC Directors for term of 3 years. Sharon notified WBC of this appointment.

  • Correspondence to Jonathan regarding SB meeting of 2/5 prepared.

  • Requesting reschedule of executive session on 2/19 at 5pm regarding personnel matter.

  • School Board, residents have contacted Cathy, requesting SB to ask School Board to hold off on decision making process for one year to allow for planning time.



  • Treasurer’s Warrant: A/P Warrant 6 $72,200.53 from 2/5/23, Payroll Warrant 7 $4572.43, Warrant Preview 7 $$6824.11


  • 11th Hour:


  • Adjourn:

Montville Select Board Minutes February 5, 2024


Start: 5:00pm End 9:00pm


Present: Cathy Roberts, Sharon Hibbard (exited early), Doug Thomas, John York, Jonathan Thornhill, Amy Bliss, Dave Hewins and Bill Wentworth  (Central Maine Cost Recovery)


Public Comment:

Jonathan Thornhill notified the SB that he found a dead pigeon hanging on a string in the entrance of the salt shed on 1/27.  He surmised that this was placed there as a threat to him personally. Additionally, he also informed the Board that he texted Road Commissioner at 2:00am on 1/27 with a question regarding salt but was unable to reach him and so applied salt on his own behalf.  Jonathan also reminded the Board that his payment for snowplow contracting was two days late, which could be a breach of contract. He also presented request for re-implementing tagging process for loader, so that last user of loader in storm can put it in garage.


John York, speaking as resident, again raised concerns regarding the activities of another department.  SB noted, as this has been raised previously and is monitored by the SB. SB raised concerns regarding making judgements without explicit details of activities.


Cost Recovery: 

Representatives from Maine Cost Recovery, who would be contracting with the town as the third party to collect the “cost recovery” funds, assisted the Board and Fire Chief with suggestions for ordinance content.  There are numerous Maine towns who have contracted with this agency.  Another draft will be reviewed before final wording is accepted.  Public hearing to be scheduled. 



SB agreed with Karen York’s request to be the grant manager of MVFR training grants awarded by the Harold Alfond Center for the Advancement of Maine’s Workforce, a Maine Community College System division.   Noted that each individual town employee that wishes to participate must be registered in the new portal, and must complete exit surveys and follow up surveys.  The town has participated in this grant for many years now, and it presently will fund 50% of approved courses.  The recent change was launch of a new portal.



SB still considering options for carry overs.  Treasurer to contact Auditor for opinion.



  • Contacted Glen Couturier to learn if he was still interested in running for moderator this year at Town meeting and he responded favorably.  The Board followed up and asked if he would come to a SB meeting and was willing to meet or review letters submitted by residents who have raised concerns of his position at Town meeting in the past. The Board is waiting for his response.

  • SB discussed Fire Dept, PW, and Transfer Station operations.  Agreed to address PW directly in morning regarding the issues that Jonathan raised

  • PW to cold patch Center Rd.

  • SB to investigate MCOG prebuy.

  • Cathy not to run for SB after 14 years. Many thanks!

  • SB to address mailbox damage on North Ridge Rd (done).

  • PB needs new member, Jodie to send notice.

  • Alfond grant request approved.




Warrants signed: Warrant #5 (AP) $8,073.00; Warrant Preview #6 (AP) $72,200.53 ; Payroll Warrant #6 $2,664.98.

Select Board Minutes Jan 29, 2024


Start: 1635 End 2055


Present: Cathy Roberts, Sharon Hibbard, Doug Thomas, John York


Budget :

Discussion of heating oil/propane pre-buy. Workers Comp budget increased 20%. MMA dues $2267 for 2024. MCOG rate to go to $1.50 per resident vs 1.25 in 2023. 2024 membership $1558.50.



Fire dept roster supplied to Town Office (Hannah) for updated personnel roster for insurance.  Alfond ( aka Maine Community College) grant for training approved and processed.



Discussed plans to recommend an increase in the Contingency Reserve fund in the budget due to an increase in storm related events.


Mail box damage from snow plows hitting mailboxes. Snowplow contractors notified of residents’ complaints. Doug to get reflective tape to So. Mtn Valley Hwy resident and also for phone pole on Burnham Hill Rd. Doug to get info flyer from Freedom PO regarding mailboxes.


Vernon LeCount appointed as Waldo Broadband Corporation representative for Montville.  Cathy thanked Bill Gillespie for his prior work as rep.


The Select Board hired Amber Poulin to replace Amy Dunn as Assessing Agent.  Amy  will work with Amber to make a smooth transition in mid- February.


Doug to talk to Freedom SB/PW staff about collaborative opportunities to share operators and equipment.


Gas receipts for TS truck reviewed, Doug to talk to TS staff about running truck.


Administrative assistant position still open.  SB to consider using an employment agency to help fill position, as all other attempts have been unsuccessful.


SB to question with UARRC on strategic plan for future operations. 


SB beginning to build Warrant articles.  Public Hearing and Workshop building session to be announced.


Warrants signed: Warrant #4 (AP) $98,819.78; Warrant Preview #5 (AP) $8,73.00; Payroll Warrant #5 $5731.51

Montville Select Board Meeting Minutes

Monday, January 15, 2024


Attending: Cathy Roberts (First Selectperson); Sharon Hibbard (Second Selectperson), Doug Thomas (Third Selectperson), Hannah Hatfield (Administrative Assistant), Amber Poulin (prospective Assessing Agent), Phil Bloomstein (Broad Band Committee member), Elissa Heim (prospective RSU3 Representative), Terry Fischer (Tax Collector/Treasurer)


  1. Call Meeting to Order: 5:00PM

  2. Meet with Amber Poulin re Assessing Agent Position: Amber introduced herself and will send resume. Certified since 2013 and does GIS mapping for all her towns. Is seeking to be a payroll employee, not a contracted service provider. SB to get back in touch after considering the budget. Discussed the value of digitizing maps: is helpful for updating tax records, and include TRIO into the GIS representation. SB considers this good info for a comprehensive plan.  

  3. Phil Bloomstein: The fiber optic infrastructure that will be installed in Montville needs a hub. Broad Band Committee and service provider have identified a place off the town office driveway that may be a good location or the 8’ x 8’ structure, including its own backup generator. Town would need to vote on an easement to accommodate for the structure and the service provider’s building and use thereof. SB to do more research on where to locate this. Cathy to reach out to Jane Sullivan to get more clarity and talk about possible collaborations with service provider. Phil reported that Bill Gillespie (Montville’s current Broad Band Representative) said that he is ok with being replaced if need be but OK with staying on. Because of Bill’s work responsibilities, he cannot make all the meetings. SB to consider other options. 

  4. Meet with Elissa Heim re RSU3 Position: SB appointed Elissa Heim as interim RSU3 School Representative to fulfill the rest of the open term expiring in June of 2026. Elissa and SB to establish a schedule for exchanges of information regarding RSU3.

  5. Treasurer follow up for end of year: SB voted to move $1,631.72 surplus from 2023 Cemetery Account to Admin Account to balance Admin Department overage. Unanimous. SB voted to move $1,136.61 from Transfer Station account to Fire Services Account balancing Fire services. Unanimous. SB voted to carry over $945.25 remaining in the 2023 Transfer Station account to 2024 Transfer Station Account. Terry suggested and article at Town Meeting that would establish a Revaluation Reserve Account and to carry all unspent funds from the 2023 Revaluation Account to be moved to it. SB agreed to include an article on the town warrant for creating a Revaluation Reserve account. SB to connect with department heads regarding first quarter billing. Terry reported that Montville made approximately $12,000.00 from bank interest. Terry recommend that some of that revenue be considered for purchase and installation of a generator for the Town Office.

  6. Acceptance of Agenda and Jan 8 Meeting Minutes: No action

  7. SB:  

  8. Treasurer’s Warrant:#54 (2023) $20,054.80 Warrant Preview #3 $10,354.30; PR Warrant #3  $4,460.09; Warrant #2 $61,765.00. Signed.

  9.  11th Hour:

  10. Adjourn: 8:45PM


Montville Select Board Meeting Monday ~ January 8, 2024


Attending: Cathy Roberts (First Selectperson); Sharon Hibbard (Second Selectperson), Doug Thomas (Third Selectperson), Hannah Hatfield (Administrative Assistant), Richard Peavey (Road Commissioner), Travis Abbot (plow contractor), CJ Rideout (plow contractor), Troy Nelson (plow contractor), Jonathan Thornhill (plow contractor), Brad Peters (Transfer Station Manager)




  1. Call Meeting to Order: 5PM

  2. Acceptance of Agenda and Dec 28 and Jan 3 Meeting Minutes: Approved 

  3. Open to the Public: No comment

  4. Clerk: No report

  5. Treasurer/Tax Collector: No report

  6. Assessing: SB signed abatement for Account #46 

  7. Roads: SB approved (unanimously) and signed Montville Public Works Plowing Policy.SB discussed prospects of applying for a DOT Stream Crossing Grant due 1/18/24. Sharon to take lead on application completion. Bean and Bog Rd. culverts will be first consideration. Midcoast Council of Governments, Nature Conservancy, Maine Audubon are agencies supporting grant application submissions. Richard recommended creating a salt shed attached to the sand shed instead of the one at the garage. Richard to get an estimate for that. Doug to get an estimate for garage roof.

  8. MVFR: No reports

  9. Transfer Station Attendant: SB and Brad discussed the new time card submission policy. Sharon to research online ways of submitting hours. Brad to staples receipts to time cards. Box truck maintenance discussed. Sharon and Doug to arrange any current maintenance needs. May be payable through grant funds. Building prep discussed. Brad to arrange carpentry for shed with Jesse McIntire. Utilities: Brad to look into heating options. Doug to ask electrician for estimate for hooking up and wiring shed.   Transfer station needs a portable eye wash station in shed Brad to put signage up to inform residents about off limits areas (in truck, in shed). SB to look at what is left from solid waste grant in order to know what more can be done with it. Doug to get cones for traffic flow. 

  10. SB:  RSU 3 meeting Wednesday Jan 10 at Walker School regarding possible outlying school closures: SB did not get notice of meeting from School board. SB to consider meeting on current priorities. To establish meetings protocol for department communications. Want to look at pre-budget spending, policies, and cost recovery ordinance drafts. Cathy to draft policy to accompany Events Notification Form

  11. Treasurer’s Warrant: Warrant# 2 Payroll $3,393.32 signed.

  12. Town Meeting/Book/Budget: SB voted to hold Town Meeting on March 30th

  13. Adjourn: 8:45 PM

Select Board Meeting Minutes 

Select Board Minutes

The Town Of Montville was Established in 1807

Select Board 

1st Select Person: Cathy Roberts

2nd Select Person: Sharon Hibbard

3rd Select Person: Doug Thomas

The Select Board can be reached at 342-5543

Administrative Assistant: 

Hannah Hatfield


Monday in Office Hours: 1:00 pm - 9:00pm 

Wednesday in Office Hours: 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Friday in Office Hours: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

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