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Whether you are starting a new Business, building in town, or are new to the area, this page is for you! 

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Intent to Build

Montville has recently adopted an Intent to Build Form, which is a way for the Citizens to inform the Assessors of any new construction 100 sq ft or more. 

This ordinance was approved at Town Meeting in 2021 and implies that all new residential or commercial structures 100 sq ft or more will now require the owner to submit an

“Intent to Build” form to the Select Board.  The penalty of $200 for non-compliance will be in effect if you fail to fill out this form prior to April 1st of each year you plan to build.

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Driveway Notification

If you have decided to live here in Montville and are going to build, the Town will need you to fill out a Driveway Notification Form, if you are making a driveway into your property. You can find that form here.

Driveway Notification
Gravel Road into the Forest

Site Plan Review

If you have plans for a house or are adding additional buildings, please check out Montville's Site Plan Review Ordinance, and contact our Code Enforcement Officer Cindy Abbott (207-505-0743, or

Gravel Road into the Forest

E-911 Address Request

You are getting excited to have your house in Montville, but realize you don't have an official address yet! Don't worry, we have an E-911 Addressing Officer in town, we just need you to fill out this FORM, and they will be out to assign an address to your Montville property.

E-911 Address Request
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Plumbing Permits

If you are talking about plumbing, or sewage systems, the first person to call would be Montville's Licensed Plumbing Inspector, Cindy Abbott. (Phone - 505-0743, E-mail - If you would like to get a copy of the State's plumbing permit, click here.

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Personal Property Reporting

The Town is required to tax Personal Property, so the Select Board is requesting all Businesses report personal property for this year. Please use this form.

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