May 2018

​The Town of Montville is looking for (1) a part-time, as needed, grader operator; (2) someone to assume the remainder of a plow contract for the 2018/2019 season; and (3) winter sand bids. If you, or someone you know, would like more information on any or all of this things please call 342-5543 or email

The Union Harvest Grange (Montville) is hosting a seedling sale & swap on Saturday, June 2nd. The Grange is located at the corner of the Center Road and the Morrill Road. See link in announcement below for events. 

The Union Harvest Grange (Montville) is hosting a youth fiddlers dance, and a seedling sale & swap. Union Harvest Grange Events.pdf

The Unity Barn Raisers / Regional Volunteer Food Pantry are hosting classes on raising poultry, starting a garden, and cooking matters. These are free and all are welcome. VRFPMayClasses CMA Flyer - Unity 2018.pdf

Tractor Supply hosts affordable Vet Clinics. Here is a link to their website so you can find times, services, and coupons: Tractor Supply PetVet Clinic

​​The Waldo County Emergency Management Agency is looking for volunteers. Please visit EMVolunteerStaffGuide for more information.

From the tax collector:
“30 day lien notices for 2017 unpaid real estate taxes were mailed certified mail on April 6, 2018. The deadline is fast approaching and by law, liens for unpaid 2017 real estate taxes will be filed at the registry of deeds on May 16, 2018. I will have extra hours at the office on Tuesday, May 15, 2018 from 9:00 am to 12 pm to take last minute payments. I have received many notices back due to wrong addresses with no forwarding address. If you know you have outstanding  2017 real estate taxes, and you did not receive a certified letter in the mail, please contact me as soon as possible to make address corrections. This is important not only for this notice but any future correspondence including  tax bills that will be mailed out in July. My regular hours are Monday, from 11 AM to 7 PM and Wednesdays, from 10 AM to 4:30 PM. 342-5544. Please call me, and I will be more than glad to assist you with any questions or provide you with the current status of your tax account. Thank you! Terry”

TaiJi & QiGong (pronounced Tai Chi & Chi Gung) are gentle exercises that stretch and tone the body, calm and focus the mind, and invigorate and cultivate the spirit. Class involves gentle warm-ups, standing meditation, and instruction in TaiJi & QiGong for self healing and self development. Classes ongoing: Wednesday evenings at 6 pm to 7:30 at "The Barn" 513 North Ridge Rd, Montville. Cost is $10 per class. For more information, contact Sandy George 342-5463 or Louis Pontillo at 589-3060.

The Road Committee will hold its second meeting at 6:30 pm on Monday, May 7th. If you are interested in volunteering, or just learning more, you are welcome to attend.


April 2018

The Unity Barn Raisers are hosting a drug take-back on Friday, April 27th.

The Volunteer Regional Food Pantry (Unity) is hosting a session on how to grow mushrooms on April 27th (MushroomWorkshop) and also an Heirloom Fruit Tour on April 29th (HeirloomTour).

Tractor Supply in Augusta hosts affordable Vet Clinics every Wednesday from 2 to 3:30.
The Road Committee will hold its second meeting at 6:30 pm on Monday, May 7th. If you are interested in volunteering, or just learning more, you are welcome to attend.


Download 2018 Town Report

NOTE: the Transfer Station cannot accept barrels without covers or containers / bag full of fluids. Unity Area Regional Recycling Center cannot accept Styrofoam (please empty all boxes); large pieces of cardboard should be cut down; all lids should be separated from their containers and placed in the appropriate bins; glass jars and bottles are acceptable but candle jars, pane glass, mirrors etc.; and hardcovers should be removed from books.

Notice: The Transfer Station is no longer accepting bags with dog / animal waste.

The Montville Cemetery Meeting is held on the third Tuesday of each month at 7pm at the Montville Town Office. Anyone is welcome. Please contact Hannah Hatfield for questions, information, and/or the proposed agenda.

A reminder about trash bag prices:
 Kitchen-type bags, under 20 gallons, cost $0.75 and use a GREEN sticker or punch card. Conventional trash bags, from 20-35 gallons, cost $1.50 and use a YELLOW sticker or punch card. Large contractor bags (over 35 gallons) and barrels cost $2.25 and use a PINK sticker or punch card. Trash disposal can be paid for in three ways: 1) stickers for bags, 2) punch cards for bags or barrels, or 3) cash: paying transfer station attendants directly. Stickers and punch cards may be purchased either at the town office or at the transfer station.

From the fire department: Please remember to clean your chimney, have furnace inspected, and check the batteries in carbon & smoke detectors.

The following property tax exemptions available to Montville residents: homestead, veterans, and blind.  Applications are available in the town office and must be turned in to the assessors by April 1.
Click for details.

We also have all new law books available, from Inland Fish and Wildlife.

From the Town Clerk:
Reminder that if you are a Business operating in the Town of Montville you need to stop by the Town Office and request a Business License Application.  I am required by Maine State Statute to keep businesses on file in my office of “Sole Proprietors operating under a name other than their own”, however I would like ALL businesses to file as it is helpful information for me to have in the office.
Filing Forms:

Sole Proprietor (52kb pdf)
Other (52kb pdf)

Send website suggestions to


The Way Life Is

Want to know what can be recycled?
Brochure (2.3Mb)

Local Organizations:
Montville Fire Department
Ivan O. Davis - Liberty Library Free for Montville residents

Old (1916&1942) USGS topo maps:

New: from Waldo County Emergency Management Agency
Family Preparedness Guide (840kb pdf)

Town Office
414 Center Rd (see below for map)
Montville, Me 04941

342-5544    Fax 342-5550
Town info page

Town Clerk: Hannah Hatfield

Monday and Wednesday 12:00-7:00

Friday 7:00-12:00

1st Saturday of the month 9:00-1:00

Treasurer/Tax Collector: Terry Fischer
Monday 11:00 to 7:00
Wednesday 10:00 to 4:30

Animal Control Officer: Peter E. Nerber

993-2225 cell 505-0981
Assistant Animal Control Officer: Peter A. Nerber  cell 530-0948
Fire Chief: John York  382-3077
Road Commissioner: Steve Lucas 323-0841

Selectboard: Jay LeGore, Bob Price,

Carrie Hanagriff
Administrative Assistant: Jeanne Coleman


Mon 1:00-9:00 

Wed 8:00 - 3:00
Selectboard Meetings: Monday 7pm

Town Ordinances: (pdf files)
Radioactive Waste (104kb)
Subdivision (278kb)
Shoreland Zoning (1.2Mb)
Cell Tower (235kb)
Mobile Home (374kb)
Sludge (191kb)
Site Plan Review Ordinance (98kb)
GMO ordinance (100kb pdf file)
Floodplain Management Ordinance (276kb pdf)
Wind Ordinance (332kb pdf)

Road Entrance Notification(61k)

Selectboard meeting minutes(pdf files)
2005 (364kb)
2006 (882kb)
2007 (489kb)
2008 (196kb)
2010 (345kb)
2011 (326kb)
2012 (356kb)
2013 (176kb)
2014 (104kb)
2015 (82kb)




Planning Board minutes(pdf files)
2013 minutes
2014 minutes

2015 minutes

2016 minutes

2017 minutes

2018 Planning Board minutes